It has been an incredibly busy week here! As you might imagine, the imminent arrival of Buachaille means we have a lot to do, and I am hard at work creating a small collection of designs to accompany the yarn’s release (only a few weeks to go!) Then my friend and colleague, Jen, came to stay with us for a few days – together Jen and I are currently developing several rather exciting projects . . . one is a book which will appear next Spring, and another is a new volume of Cross-Country Knitting. Above is a sneak peak at the latter’s content, of which more very soon.


Jen and I got lots of work done, laughed a lot, and had time for a hearty post-photoshoot dinner at the Bridge of Orchy hotel. It was lovely to see her.

Meanwhile, In the Loop 4 was happening down the road in Glasgow (one year I will make it to this event, which always features a fantastic line-up of speakers and some important research). This year, the conference was hosted by my friends at the Knitting in the Round project (who you’ll remember I’ve mentioned before). I was really honoured when they asked me to provide some samples for the fashion show which closed the conference!


Jade Halbert selected three of my designs, and I styled them with the original garments I’d used when photographing Yokes. I genuinely love styling – visualising a look is often the starting point of the design process for me – and I really appreciated the thoughtful way that Jade styled the models to suit the work of each designer in the show.


The lovely model wearing Buchanan even had her hair in braids!


Jade chose Buchanan, Keith Moon, and Foxglove to appear in this showcase of contemporary Scottish knitwear design. It was somewhat humbling to see my work displayed in this context.


I loved the soft and subtle palette of the beautiful garments shown by Jade Starmore , and was blown away by their styling with these stunning leather skirts (also the work of Jade)


The show featured well-established names of Scottish knitwear design such as ERIBÉ


. . . and Di Gilpin


. . . alongside the work of emerging contemporary designers like Laura Muir

It was lovely to see the work of some of my friends and comrades in hand-knit design, like Gudrun Johnston . . .


. . . as well as Karie Westermann and Lucy Hague.


I also came away feeling inspired by the work of designers I’d never previously encountered. This cashmere dress by Stephanie Laird was truly gorgeous.


And I loved the fresh take on colourwork in Hilary Grant’s bold machine-knit accessories



Thankyou, Lynn, Marina, Jade, and the whole team at Knitting in the Round and In the Loop 4 for inviting me to be part of this fantastic event! Thanks too to Tom, who took the great catwalk photos in this post.

22 thoughts on “A busy week

  1. Lovely to see your work on the catwalk…..would love to meet you one day! Thanks so much for sharing the photos of all the great designers represented at In the Loop…!



    Also share your feeling – every year I think I WILL GO TO IN THE LOOP – see you there in 2016?

    That fashion show of knitwear looks SUPERB and I have really loved reading the tweets and seeing the instagrams from you and other comrades in attendance at this amazeballs event.



  3. Kate,

    Do you sleep at night? It would seem that a part of you, at least, is on a type of Autopilot ! Oh, how wonderful everything looked in the pictures at “In The Loop 4”, you have a lot of Proud Fans here in North Carolina! And so many talented People. It’s hard to recall how many wonderful designers there really are until you get them all in one Place.
    I was telling my Hubby about your new “Buachaille” Yarn. Honestly, I thought he never really listens when I get all excited about anything to do with knitting. I’ve always believed there was some tiny bit of hope. So, I’m going on and all the sudden, right at a pause, He pops up with…”is this Yarn, not only Scottish, but, Brian approved as well?” I nearly dropped my needles! Of course it is nice to know he pays some attention! Hope that brings a bit of a smile to Ya’ll. Now I guess I’m going to finally have to make a pair of socks for his size 17 feet. Daunting, truly daunting!
    Ah well, I hope things continue to come along as nicely as they have been and that the rest of your weekend is all you hoped it would be! Happy Knitting!


  4. i’d be very interested in your analysis of fashion infliences on scottish knitwear, from the neo-barbarian *Outlander* look — can you interview that costume designer and find out her sources?
    and also your take on the influence of alexander mcqueen and the recently closed *Savage Beauty* exhibit, reportedly the V and A’s most popular exhibit ever.
    i am getting glimpses, especially with the metallic leather skirts and the bias kilts, of mcqueen.


  5. Wholey cow :) what a post, SO many directions to be sent in at once. Glad you were included and so you should have been! Thank you, thank you. Anxiously awaiting new pattern book and wool. Good job, glad you are feeling well.


  6. It was lovely to meet you after the fashion show yesterday, Kate. Tom’s photos capture the event perfectly. Glad you highlighted Jade’s styling. I had not realised just how much she had put into this conference. It was an excellent event.


  7. So looking forward to the lauch of your wool…………..and to hear there wil be new book, so exciting. It was lovely to see what other designers are doing as well, as well as loving your designs, I am a bit fan of Alice and Jade Starmore, but now you’ve introduced us to Stephanie Laird, I can see I wil be adding more projects to my do list, as that dress is beautiful.


  8. Great article, it’s so nice to see a knitwear fashion show (and even better that you can afford some of the designer’s work unlike real fashion shows ;) ) And thanks to Tom for the pictures! =)


  9. There’s a fabulous repeating theme of diamonds in many of these designs. Repeated on the garments and repeated in the show. It’s fantastic to see original knitwear design honoured in this way. I wonder how many poorly realised copies we will see in the shops?


    1. Hi Liz, you’ll find a wee sound file with pronunciation in the post about the yarn. I will also post some more detailed sound files to help those who are unsure. Remember the soft ‘ch’ as in loch – and think boo-ch-le


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