A crisp, golden morning on the West Highland Way. Worth getting up at the crack of dawn for.


38 thoughts on “september

  1. Hi Kate,

    What gorgeous phtographs of my favorite time of the year!

    I’ve read your blog for years and years, back when it was still needled, but have never commented. But I just wanted to say how inspirational you and your work are. Your photos, your patterns .. and now your yarn! I’m so excited for you and your family in this new venture, and just wanted to offer my congratulations! So congrats to you and Tom, and of course Bruce!!


  2. I love the fall, and your photos are a perfect example of why! The colors are so wonderful in the light at this time of year. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I was on holiday in Suffolk England for the last two weeks and we just had to get up to Scotland before we left. We sat in the long grass on a hill overlooking Edinburgh and it was one of the best memories we took away from our entire two week trip. Your photos bring it wonderfully back to life. The one thing on our list to see (but alas did not) were the Coo’s cows….my nephew was looking everywhere for them. I can’t wait to knit with your new yarns.


  4. Hey Ya’ll,

    What a Wonderful surprise, opening your post and seeing a Beautiful day stretched out before me. This morning, Here in the Western Mountains of North Carolina, there was a heavy dampness that gave way to rain. There is something about a Beautiful Morning with the sun rising softly and golden, that just makes you feel, that the day is going to be wonderful! I can never come close to expressing, how much I appreciate the time you take, that allows me (and all the Kate Loving Clan) to feel like I’m right there, Adventure Hunting and Exploring. Learning and Seeing…now we just need, “Touch-a-Blog”, to make the experience complete! Wonder if Dubh Bruce, the Wonder Dog, Protector of Laird Tom and Lady Kate, Guardian of the Treasure “Buachaille”, might have a few thoughts, on how that might be achieved! Perhaps, Dubh Bruce might enjoy a sampling of “Potatoes” from over the Pond as incentive. Well, I’m sure Ya’ll are busy counting the Lofty Treasure, so won’t hold things up. If Dubh Bruce is interested in the a fore mentioned “Quest”, Have him paw me a line. May all your mornings, dawn as glorious as the one you shared with us!


  5. I have written to you a couple of times asking if your new yarn is available in Canada, specifically, Calgary, Alberta. Very disappointingly, as yet, no one has responded to me.

    Doris Fishman


    1. Hi Doris,
      I replied to one of your previous messages on September 8th as follows:

      “Hi Doris, we will be selling the yarn directly to customers at first – and will certainly be happy to ship it to Canada!. We are intending to introduce a flat shipping rate, which will mean that shipping costs the same, wherever in the world you are.”


    2. This is not an official response – but I don’t think the yarn is available anywhere yet! Maybe you could go to your favourite local yarn store and talk them into it? As far as shipping from the UK to Canada (I’m in Vancouver, so I know), I’ve found that it’s often faster and less expensive than shipping from the US to Canada. (No idea why…..) Good luck!


  6. September is called the May fall, sunlight is gentle, the landscape of your country are magnificent. Your photos are beautiful , as beautiful colors. Thank you to share them.


  7. The very essence of autum. That rich golden hue with a touch of mist and hint of crispness in the air speaks to the coming of fall. Such a lovely day for you to wake up too. Thank you for sharing Kate.


  8. What a beautiful way to start MY morning, looking at that first golden picture. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us.


  9. So lovely, and it’s also glorious in Eskdale. What a bonus these golden days are while dreaming of autumny knits- perhaps in Highland Coo Buachaille? Just finishing blocking my Puffin and Asta jumpers to enter in our local show and feeling very, very good about life! Thanks Kate.


  10. It’s a beautiful morning here in Glasgow too. I think September gives some of the best weather we get. Summer is often disappointing and very wet. Are our hopes for nice summer weather too high? Anyway, give me September any day, favourite time of the year.


  11. Isn’t the light just beautiful in this time of year?! We’re looking forward to a short trip to England early next month and we really hope to experience some beautiful autumn days in Northumbria.


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