A couple of days ago, we announced the Seven Skeins Club – a venture we’ve been planning for many months, and which we hope will allow everyone who wants to to sample our lovely new Scottish wool. (If you are interested, you can read more about what the club involves here.)

People have been writing to me with their concerns about availability. Will they miss out on membership if they aren’t sitting by their computers on Friday? Well, we really are hopeful we have enough yarn for everyone. . .


I am hard at work writing and knitting the club patterns, and Mel is knitting too. Some designs will have both plain and colourwork options, so we are making two of everything.


We are also producing a new book especially for club members – Buachaille: at Home in the Highlands. The exciting thing about this tome is that it includes much more than my designs! As well as essays about the landscapes that inspired (and raised) our yarn, Tom has been developing and perfecting some delicious highland recipes. . .


. . . and he and our friend, Gordon Anderson (a qualified mountain leader), have been out and about in the highlands, preparing a beautifully photographed guided walk up Buachaille Etive Mor, the iconic mountain which lends our yarn its name.


We are all enjoying working on this project tremendously! If the Seven Skeins Club is of interest to you, you will be able to join from this Friday, September 18th by purchasing a membership in the shop.

You’ll find more information about the Seven Skeins Club here.
There’s more information about Buachaille – our new yarn – here.
And you can sign up to our newsletter here.

65 thoughts on “behind the scenes . . .

  1. Hi Kate:

    Congratulations on this very exciting new venture. I signed up for the newsletter, but have not received a confirming e-mail with discount code. Should I sign up again? I am looking forward to ordering on Friday!

    Many thanks!


  2. Hi Kate,

    It’s just occurred to me that noon GMT will be 1pm local time, because we are still on BST in the UK until next month! Please can you confirm this? I’m sorry if I’m being extremely stupid, I’m not used to worrying about the time difference between Scotland and Wales :D


  3. Kate, I will be trying to sign up on Friday for the club but if it should sell out will there be a waiting list or a second club offer at a later date? Also will the book and patterns be offered separately if the yarn sells out? Excited for Friday!


  4. Hi Kate, I can’t wait to sign up on Friday and glad I live in EST! Sorry for those in the west coast! I am heading to Florida mid-October for the winter and am wondering if I should put my New Hampshire address or Florida. You noted that the yarn would arrive in early October- if you anticipate after the 15th I will put Florida, if before I will put NH- sorry to be a pest! So excited…..


    1. Hi Kate, I would aim to get the yarn with US knitters before the 15th, in time for the first pattern release . . . though one can, of course, never account for the vagaries of the mail, I would go with your NH address.

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  5. Hi Kate,
    Think I’m signed up for the newsletter as I receive post from you. Will be waiting /trying to sign up that morning as my internet connection will be spotty at best. Look forward to this.


  6. I was fortunate to find your blog when you first started out and you have made learning about Scotland and knitting a wonderful, fun experience. You, Tom and Bruce are wonderful spokespersons for Scotland! I am looking forward to your yarn, patterns and Tom’s recipes!


  7. Hello! So very excited about your club! The colors! It will be like taking a trip to the highlands.I have tried to subscribe to the newsletter, but alas I get no email from the sign-up site, with the verification link… is it working? Thanks so much,


      1. Thanks so much! My name is actually Michele. WordPress thinks my name is Earl, which is leftover from when my monkey, Earl, had his own blog. He no longer blogs. Lazy monkey.


  8. Hi Kate, I am most anxious for your new yarn and kit. This is my question? I have some British pound sterling left from my last trip . I have developed severe back problems and am unable to travel any more. Would you accept this cash in payment for your promotion? I will have to figure out how to send it to you if I am accepted in the promotion. If I have it converted back into US dollars and then you convert it back so much is lost. I’m sure you understand what I want to do. I am so excited for you in all your new endeavors!

    Thank you, Joyce Hensel



  9. What an amazing project! Like others, I’m mad keen to be a part of your Buachaille club, but fear that I’ll miss out, as I can’t get near a computer until Friday evening. Would you consider releasing the membership packages in two tranches, a few hours apart, pretty please?


  10. I am interested in your new wool. Please can you tell me what sheep  variety it  is?  Hoping it is soft like merino.  Gay 

    Sent from Samsung tablet


  11. Such exciting developments! I can’t decide what I like more…the cartons and cartons of yarn, or the recipe annotated with “MORE RASPBERRIES.” I think “more raspberries” are always indicated…


  12. Hi Kate I also have been unable to log on to either of the choices for the newsletter is it possible to be included manually please. Thank you.


  13. Exciting times — but don’t overdo, take a break, have a cuppa, breathe!
    PS Will someone volunteer to call me on Friday so I can get up at 4am to sign up? (Pacific Daylight Time)


  14. I can’t wait to participate in this new adventure. The extent to which you explore, research, and design everything you do is amazing. Thank you for inviting us along. I will be jumping on-board this Friday.

    I love how you selected and named all the yarn colors, then I saw the pictures of Bruce exploring the highlands with you and had a thought. Should you ever decide to include a very dark or black color to your collection, it should be called Bruce.


  15. I’m really looking forward to this, I think we all are. It will be great to see Tom’s recipes too – ‘more raspberries’ sounds good to me. With apologies for bias, there is nothing like a good Scottish raspberry.


  16. I hope you do really well with your new “adventure” – also Tom & Bruce. Excited to say the least :) Perhaps you will need to rent a space dedicated to Buachaille soon!


  17. I wish I could think of one word to some up how excited I am for all of us and how excited I am for you and your team of wonderful wooly folks. I can not!

    I love when pattern books have more than the just patterns! I crave knowing about the wool, the area, the people . . . than you!

    Thank you a million zillion times over for being so creative and willing to share your love of the highlands, sheep, yarn and your time with us all!

    PS-I might just get up at 3:00 a.m. for the fun of it all anyways!


  18. This is so exciting,The fibers you choose and shades.I cannot say enough what an amazing work and talent put into this entire process..I will be on my computer at work or home,and getting this Fabulous kit.Every little detail and item in this kit.I will be in Heaven!
    Thank you for this wonderful kit.


  19. Sorry- I just saw the costing details on the page you linked to- must have missed that in my excitement when I got the email newsletter! :-)) thanks


  20. Kate, I think this all sounds so wonderful and well thought out- I love the depth and breadth and the ‘personal imprint’ ( I am not expressing myself very well, but the shadow of your own love and precise knowledge and interest in WOOL that echoes into the product- the yarn and the accompanying materials) of this project of yours and I hope you have found the experience as deeply rewarding (and I’m sure obviously demanding, but the most worthwhile thing ARE aren’t they usually?!) as I imagine… Raising the bar a little I think. :-) I can hardly wait.

    (Do we have a figure to budget for yet or did I miss it or is it not announced yet?)


  21. I do not need yarn, I do not need yarn…but it’s Kate’s favourite pattern designer..and Tom’s recipes……and Buchaille Etive Mor has been on my todo list a long time..
    I do need yarn 😀 😊 😀 👏


  22. Co-incidentally, Tom’s mountain made a cameo appearance in Alexander McCall Smith’s latest Isabel Dalbousie novel! I wonder when my third sighting will show up?


      1. Hello Kate, I didn´t get any confirmation e-mail either, but when I tried to subscribe again it said my e-mail address is already in the list. So it should be OK? Thank you, Tereza


  23. hi Kate, I will for sure sit net to the computer on friady, but I hope there would still be kits left at the afternoon as I work te whole morning and will not have internet until the afternoon. Soooo impatient!!


  24. I’m also very excited but also afraid I’ll be to late. Because I’m in Denmark at 18th of sept. Joining the Strikkefestival of Christel Seyfarth! I hope I’ll be able to sign in from Denmark and get the payment done from there…


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