Are you in Edinburgh this weekend? If so, can I encourage you to pop along to the pop-up fair which is being held by my friends at the Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self Aid Society on Saturday? I’ve mentioned the Society here many times, and as you know, it exists to provide financial support to its member-makers through the sale of their work. The member-makers are extremely talented, and at the fair you’ll find . . .

beautifully hand-stitched children’s garments


. . . a range of gifts and toys . . .


and a multitude of wonderful hand-knitted items in lace, cables and Fairisle


So if you are in Edinburgh on Saturday do head over to St Andrews & St Georges (on George Street) between 10.30 and 3.30, and say I sent you!


19 thoughts on “Pop-up fair

  1. Thanks for signposting this event. I went along and came home with a lovely stranded colourwork tam and a pale green silk and mohair lace scarf. One for me, one for a Christmas pressie. Came to £33 which really doesn’t even begin to represent the cost of the hours of effort but will at least go to the knitters rather than middle(wo)men


  2. I saw the notice last week, thanks for the reminder! I bought some things when my children were small, but have bought nothing but tablet for ages. Their website is greatly improved since last time I checked!


  3. What a lovely event. The work looks beautiful, and I hope the Pop-Up Fair goes well. I can’t be there, but I *will* be spending my money on fiber at a local event, the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. It’s still a bit of a drive, but closer for me than Edinburgh!


  4. I couldn’t finish my purchase when buying your yarn club. Your website wouldn’t let me finish. Please Please find room for one more thanks. Linda


  5. I was at the shop in June whilst on holiday from Canada and had a lovely time choosing gloves, finger-less mitts and a hat. I only knew to visit because of your previous posts. Thank you, just wish I could go to the fair.


  6. What a shame I am not in Edinburgh, I did visit in May though and despite hat knitting for my children for a number of years, they much prefer the ones I bought for them, fickle!!!


  7. what a pity its not round the corner for me.. and I have been there 3 weeks ago… have a great time at the event..
    ciao ciao Christa from Switzerland…


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