all go

Well – we shipped all the Seven Skeins Club packages, and they are now starting to arrive all over the world. Parcels of yarn were landing in Denmark and Germany by the middle of last week, and there were sightings yesterday in Illinois and Texas. If you are waiting for a package yours should not be far behind.

Friends in my Ravelry group have set up this fantastic map through which its been exciting to track the parcels. As and when your Seven Skeins package arrives (or if it has already done so), please do feel free to add your pin to the map so we can see you! And if you aren’t already part of my Ravelry group, there is a thread set up especially for Seven Skeins Club chat, and there will be further threads for discussion of the patterns, when they start to appear, so please pop along there and join your knitting comrades. Its been so lovely to see photos of the yarn arriving, and hear your reactions (I am especially pleased you are enjoying Buachaille’s colours, and its sheepiness)!

If you are a Seven Skeins club member, some preliminary welcome information will go out to you on Tuesday, 13th October . This information will be delivered by email, to the email address associated with your order, and will be sent using MailChimp. Please double check your inbox settings, as well as any “promotions” or spam folders (in case the message is fired off there) and if you haven’t received your message by Thursday, please get in touch with us ( so we can iron out any glitches. The first pattern will be delivered on Friday, 16th October, and then you can really start to enjoy your yarn!

As we are in the final stages of pattern / book preparation, things are incredibly busy here, as you might imagine, and any photographs I have are of things I cannot yet show you. But I will leave you with a wee video clip that friends of Bruce will enjoy. On the morning of our wedding, Tom and I went for a walk around the woods and beaches near Port Ellen with Bruce. In the woods we found a buoy hanging from a tree – an object which Bruce found extremely exciting. The quality of the video is a bit rubbish, as it was taken with my phone, but it still makes me laugh every time I see it. I think he would have happily played with that buoy all day.