Seven Skeins Club yarn calculator


Those of you who have subscribed to the Seven Skeins Club will shortly be receiving an email with some welcome information. If you are a club member and have not received our welcome email by Thursday, please contact us at so that we can amend your details.
The club patterns have been carefully planned to make the most of your seven skeins. The amount of yarn used in each project has been calculated by gauge, yardage and weight, and you’ll note that the welcome information includes an instruction to weigh your skeins before commencing the first pattern. It’s really important you do this now (and indeed keep weighing your yarn after each project is completed) and you’ll probably get rather tired of me instructing you to Weigh Your Skeins. . . but to ensure you never run out of yarn and to help you make choices about which shades to use, and which patterns to knit Jen and Jim (my wizardy tech editors) have devised a superbly nifty calculator.

To use the calculator:
You will need to have a recent version of Microsoft Excel.
Download the calculator here:

Seven Skeins club yarn calculator

Enter an X in the box next to your chosen main colour (MC) shade, your chosen contrast colour (CC) shade, and your chosen weekly project.
Remember to only choose one project per week.
The calculator will then magically tell you how much yarn you will use and how much of each shade remains!

Due to the volume of email we are currently receiving, we are unable to provide any technical support for the yarn calculator and have made it available for your information and assistance only.