Pattern release day is here again, and today Seven Skeins knitters will find some Whigmaleeries appearing in their inbox. What on earth are whigmaleeries? Well, as the Dictionary of the Scots Language puts it, a whigmaleerie is: “a decorative or fanciful object, a piece of ornamentation …a knick-knack, gew-gaw, bauble, fantastic contrivance, or contraption.” In other words, a whigmaleerie is a wee thingumajig, of the kind folk often like to hang on trees at this festive time of year.


As you can see, we made several whigmaleeries, and I think there may be several more in the pipeline as they are just so quick to whip up. . . I used an ovoid shape, familiar from the glass baubles of my childhood, and the mountain-inspired stitch pattern which also features on the Baffies and Pawkies. The whigmaleerie is worked bottom up, stuffed with roving before you reach the top, and finished with a hanging i-cord. They are quite pleasing objects, and I’m particularly pleased with how the mountain stitch pattern works with the four-fold symmetry of the object at top and bottom. Knit one and you’ll see just what I mean!


If you aren’t keen on stranded knitting, a striped version of the pattern is also available. I found the striped whigmaleerie to have a definite egg-like appearance which would make it appropriate for Spring.


But I have to say the stranded whigmaleerie is my favourite due to its unmistakably festive appearance. It just shouts WHIGMALEERIE!


In other news, the book has gone to press! If all goes well at the printers (and these things are never certain) we should be able to start shipping to club members before the end of the month, so all Seven Skeins knitters will receive their copies during the holiday season. The book will go on general sale as soon as the club copies have shipped, so not long to wait now. Did I mention we were very excited about it? Here’s a taste of what’s inside.


So, the book is done, and its definite hunkering weather here. I’m looking forward to a quiet couple of days with some tea and knitting.

Have a lovely weekend! x

17 thoughts on “Whigmaleeries!

  1. I knitted one of each at the weekend with each son getting to pick his skein colours and favourite pattern – they are very satisfying to knit (and then look at and hold). I’m now going to look for and attempt your lovely pom-pom wreath of a few years ago …


  2. I love your deigns and these look perfect for all sorts of holiday decorations. I am not in the seven skeins club but look forward to the book becoming available. I started knitting Fantoosh! today – what a great pattern.


  3. Thanks! And we’ll done for your hard work. I am grateful to Melanie too for sorting out my technical difficulties in downloading the patterns. I didn’t expect such a prompt response. (I now have the patterns x3 in my library!). Can’t wait for the book!


  4. Congratulations on the book release! From your posts, I can really see that this is a very special book to you – you put so much into it! Your own wool, your patterns, your surroundings and Tom’s recipes! It sounds very personal and dear to you!


  5. Does that photo mean the book has Tom’s recipe for cranachan?! I don’t know if I’m more excited by that prospect or by knitting Whigmaleeries for our special ornaments this year. My husband and I were together about a decade before getting married in 2012; since then I get us a pair of new ornaments every year for our tree. As we went to Scotland this fall, and I bought my 7 Skeins membership while on a train between Glasgow and Edinburgh, it seems entirely appropriate that this year our ornaments be Whigmaleeries! Either way – thank you, Kate!


  6. oh i love Novembrrrrr
    especially being surrounded by woolly women just like me—

    :::and now that i have my cute little whigmaleerie*
    Let the winter season begin!


  7. Ooh, my mum always said the whigmaleerie hid things you couldn’t find.Never looked it up. Love your Whigmaleeries! Maybe I can change…where has the Gruagach put my other sock. . .


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