As promised, here are Mel’s goats. She selected Buachaille shades Squall, Islay and Haar for her set, and the effect is quite different to the colours I chose for mine. Here’s a good shot of the top of her heid, where you can see the amorous goats, and the hearts at the centre of the crown.


I say “you can see” but it now turns out that many folk don’t see the goat-iness of this pattern at all. I find these optical preferences quite interesting, and suspect in this case its largely because the goats are rendered in a lighter shade on a darker background. So if you aren’t seeing it immediately, just stare hard at the lighter shade on Mel’s heid and THINK GOATS.


Do you see them now?

Only Mel would have carefully selected a colour-co-ordinating nail polish to wear with her goaty gauntlets.


I’m pleased to say that I’ll be putting more goat kits up in the shop later today, in both colourways.


. . . and (small fanfare) we’ll also be putting Buachaille on general sale.


Our plan is to update the shop every Sunday afternoon (around 5pm) and to re-stock it with what we are able to prepare and ship over the coming week (without driving ourselves donutty). We had a delivery of Buachaille last week, so do be assured there is enough yarn for everyone, but we have to phase its release in terms of what we can feasibly manage. If a particular shade sells out quickly, it is likely to be available again the following week. Tom is labelling and stringing yarn tags as we speak in preparation for today’s update. We have a good system and some great new shop software in place and everything is ready!

Buachaille retails at £7.49 per 50g / 120 yards / 110 metres and all seven shades will be available.
The shop update will be at 5pm GMT.

I’m off to tag some skeins. See you later!

41 thoughts on “goats & yarn

  1. I’ve been brought around to seeing the goats, but on first glance I thought….”Damn is there nothing this woman can’t do? Now she’s modernized Houndstooth!”


  2. I am very, very happy about the yarn going on general sale! I have been coveting the green, teal and blue in particular since I first saw them. I couldn’t afford the whole Seven Skeins, but I could probably manage a skein or two.


  3. Funnily enough, I saw all the goats in your versions but at first, Mel’s mitts flummoxed me. I got her hat, no problem, but had to look hard again to find the goats in the mitts… Brains, eh?!


  4. Thanks so much for the “see the goats” lesson. I thought I was seeing things – or not. Must have been looking too hard. They are really lovely.


  5. It all came out very nice. I love the color combinations. At first I couldn’t see the goats. Then I went back, looked at the lighter color, thought goats, as you said, and I saw it. Lol.


  6. I could not see the goats at all in Kate’s mitts and hat in the previous post. I did finally see them in Mel’s but if I look away and look back then I struggle to see them again…… Interesting. Glad to know that I was not alone in not seeing the goats originally.


  7. I saw the Instagram post and thought “where are the goats?” But this post helped me see them. Glad I’m not alone –I was worried there for a minute …
    Lovely both ways!


  8. Hmmm. What does it mean that I can easily see your goats (and saw them right away without trouble), but can’t see Mel’s, even though I know what to look for? Still a great design, whether viewed as an “abstract” or not!


  9. That is SO funny, how could one NOT see GOATS?? I wonder why that is………… I am sure there would be something that I couldn’t see :)


  10. Hi Kate I am waiting for the Shepherds Hoodie knitting pattern to arrive and wondered if I could use the Buachille yarn to make it thanks.


  11. At first I didn’t see the goats either, but after I did, I realized after the ‘oh, there’s the little goatie’ part, the really interesting beauty is in the hidden-goat aspect, allowing one’s eye to see just form and pattern, just in its own beauty.


  12. I think the goats are much easier to see if you’re familiar with the straw yule goats, which are already a little abstract – or at least, the motifs remind me of those much more than actual goats! The interesting thing is that the overall effect of the pattern can be almost camo-like, particularly on Mel’s set where the shade values are closer.


    1. I agree! I’m kind of obsessed with the graphic / abstract structure of those yule goats . . and so it seemed odd to me at first that they appeared invisible to others. The camo-like effect was unintended – its always interesting to me how individual motifs behave as repeats when knitted up!


  13. I love your goats Kate. It took me a moment to find them on your version when you first released it, but now I see them easily on all the projects. I love that it appears completely geometric and mathematical and then on closer inspection I see goats, everywhere. Thank you for the beautiful and thoughtful designs you create!


    1. Strands will stay loose if you knit in the round with the right side falling to the inside so the strands are on the outside. If the strands are on the inside, they will have a tendency to pull tighter. Good luck and have fun– don’t be intimidated, just go for it


  14. I can’t see anything other than goats, even if I stare at the background and don’t think about goats I still see them! Seriously though am loving the whole Seven Skeins/ Buachaille experience. Have knit Pawkies and Bunnet and one Baffie up to now. The wool is a joy to knit with and creates a very pleasing texture which just improves with washing and blocking. Most important to me is that it is warm to wear which is a necessity here in the Peak District. Your book, Kate, is beautiful. Couldn’t wait for the ‘real thing’ so spent last night looking through the e version on my iPad. In April we are staying in Banavie for a week and will be tackling the Buachaille hike possibly wearing a Buachaille sweater – if I can ever decide which shade I like best!


  15. It took me some serious concentrating before I saw the goats but now I can’t see anything else!!! They actually remind me of the Bushmen paintings we get in some of the caves here in South Africa. Lovely pattern and both colourways are awesome. xxx


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