goats & yarn


As promised, here are Mel’s goats. She selected Buachaille shades Squall, Islay and Haar for her set, and the effect is quite different to the colours I chose for mine. Here’s a good shot of the top of her heid, where you can see the amorous goats, and the hearts at the centre of the crown.


I say “you can see” but it now turns out that many folk don’t see the goat-iness of this pattern at all. I find these optical preferences quite interesting, and suspect in this case its largely because the goats are rendered in a lighter shade on a darker background. So if you aren’t seeing it immediately, just stare hard at the lighter shade on Mel’s heid and THINK GOATS.


Do you see them now?

Only Mel would have carefully selected a colour-co-ordinating nail polish to wear with her goaty gauntlets.


I’m pleased to say that I’ll be putting more goat kits up in the shop later today, in both colourways.


. . . and (small fanfare) we’ll also be putting Buachaille on general sale.


Our plan is to update the shop every Sunday afternoon (around 5pm) and to re-stock it with what we are able to prepare and ship over the coming week (without driving ourselves donutty). We had a delivery of Buachaille last week, so do be assured there is enough yarn for everyone, but we have to phase its release in terms of what we can feasibly manage. If a particular shade sells out quickly, it is likely to be available again the following week. Tom is labelling and stringing yarn tags as we speak in preparation for today’s update. We have a good system and some great new shop software in place and everything is ready!

Buachaille retails at £7.49 per 50g / 120 yards / 110 metres and all seven shades will be available.
The shop update will be at 5pm GMT.

I’m off to tag some skeins. See you later!