Yes, that just about sums it up! The books have finally arrived from the printer, and we are very happy!

There is so much to consider when creating a book, and this one involved many new decisions. We took some different choices with our paper and cover stock, and settled on some different layouts (as befitted the book’s new material, like Tom’s recipes). We’ve worked really hard, and the whole thing looks lovely (though I do say so myself). Tom has taken some wonderful photographs for this book, and I have to say that we were particularly happy with the cover photograph (above), in which I am depicted with the mighty peak of Buachaille Etive Mòr on a cloudless October day. I find the way the mountain wraps around the book spine really pleasing!


We have spent the past couple of days shipping books out to Seven Skeins club members. This afternoon I’m putting my feet up (yes, those are more mince pies)


If you would like to purchase a copy of the book (which includes the 12 Seven Skeins patterns, Tom’s recipes, an introductory essay by me, photography, and a guided walk around Buachaille Etive Mòr) it is now on sale in our shop.


Righto, I’m off to leaf through my book and eat Tom’s pies.


See you later!

41 thoughts on “the books are here!

  1. My book is arrived today. I just love it. It smells so good.Congratulations for all the projet, Yarn is wonderful it’s sutch a pleasure to feel it in my wands and work it.And I can wait to try Tom’s recipes. Thank you!


  2. Congratulations on the book Kate. I have wrapped my copy for a Yule gift to myself, but have already bought oatmeal for Tom’s recipes. The photos are stunning and evoke so many emotions, I can lose myself in those beautiful surroundings for a while, even if only from the comfort of my own fire. The Seven Skeins Club was such a fab introduction to your wonderful yarn and I am loving the patterns too.


  3. Hi, I’ve just received you new book. I only ordered it two days ago so thank you for the extremely prompt service. I’m taking it to my mum for Christmas. She lives in France and is very poorly. She loves to knit and I know that the book will be much loved.


  4. my book arrived yesterday and i might have sat up far too late last night reading it.

    it’s a wonderful work of art.

    thanks to all for the time and effort put into the production of the book


  5. My copy arrived yesterday, and it is beautiful. I love Tom’s photo’s and the recipies, am now looking forward to my christmas break from work to start kitting one of the patterns – really like the mittens – and trying my hand at baking lavender cookies.


  6. Lovely to have the book in my hands! It’s beautiful. I’ve already knitted several of the patterns, which are gorgeous, in the yarn, which I can’t praise highly enough, and now can’t wait to try some recipes! Many thanks for everyone’s hard work. Enjoy a rest now!


  7. Mine Arrived today. Looking forward to some curled up cozy browsing later. Then I’m going to start on those baffies.
    I think what I find most pleasing is that all of Tom’s photos are taken in and around your home, where Buachaille was inspired, conceived, patterns written and receipts tasted. It seems like the most personal of your patterns books so far. Thank you for letting us be a part of it. x


  8. It arrived today! I love it! It smells almost as lovely as the Buachaille! Now all I need is to get the elves to realise some of the mouthwatering recipes. Well done.


  9. While I’m eagerly awaiting my copy to arrive, I’m rather disappointed that it won’t be coming with one of those mince pies :-)


  10. Hey Kate, Tom and Bruce, Congratulations!! It Couldn’t be a better day, Your New Book, which I can Hardly wait to see, and…I just found out I’m a New Grandma to a Baby Girl, Harper Rae. She is our First International Baby as she was born in Aviano, Italy! How much better can a day be!!! I’ll be making some Baby things out of Buachaille. They will keep Little Harper Warm and be soft against her skin! Have you ever thought of designing some baby sweaters? Oh I wish you would! So now I’ll try to stay out of trouble, knit, knit, knit, and wait for a delivery from the Postman via Scotland and the best Knitwear Designer, who is Married to the Most Wonderful Chef of Yummy Things, Who are Mom and Dad to the Smartest Dog, In all the World!! What a Wonderful Day!!!


  11. Oh my! Love, love, LOVE this book! It looks so beautiful, it feels and smells so beautiful, and the content is so unique.Thank you so much for your collective hard work – and enjoy the mince pies! x


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