2015: in review

It has been a pretty big year for us all here at KDD.

Here’s a selection of the new designs I published in 2015.




Jazz hands

Wee Bluebells


Kokkeluri mittens

The Goats of Inversnaid

Much of my creative energy over the year was focused on the development and launch of my new yarn, Buachaille.


We launched the yarn with the Seven Skeins club, which, in every respect, exceeded our expectations.

Buachaille: at Home in the Highlands

Everyone here worked really hard, from the designing, photography, recipe development, writing, and editing that went into creating the patterns and the book, through the seemingly never-ending labelling and stringing of tags, through the packing and shipping of club parcels, to the support provided by email and through our Ravelry group. A massive thank you to the whole team: Tom, Mel, Gordon, Jen, Jim, Nic and Ivor – who all, in their different ways, ensured that every element of the yarn launch, book production, and club was managed smoothly and professionally (though don’t ask Tom just how many yarn tags he had to string during the week I was away in Shetland).

Launching Buachaille was the culmination of a long-held dream for me to create my very own yarn out of the lovely, sheepy, Scottish wool I love. According to Ravelry’s recent round up of the best of 2015, Buachaille scored top of the yarn rankings, as “the new Indie yarn with the most projects”, which is not bad at all given that the yarn only launched in October! The reason for this top ranking is that so many club members were eager to cast on, whip up some projects, and enjoy everything the club had to offer. I just loved seeing everyone’s projects – and honestly, I can think of nothing more rewarding than seeing knitters all over the world enjoy the lovely yarn, the colours, and the designs I’d worked over so many months to create. So thankyou again, all of you lovely Seven Skeins club members! Your enthusiasm and engagement made the club a wonderful experience for us all!

But, in a year of very many good things, the best thing about it was marrying Tom.


And without a doubt, the best things I knit all year were my wedding cardigan . . .


. . . together with Tom’s matching kilt hose, knit up in our own Buachaille.


Thankyou all for being with us over the course of this exciting, momentous, and important year!


Love Kate, Tom and Bruce xx