Here’s a first look at the new shades of Buachaille.

Furze: a rich, deep, saturated yellow.
furze is an old name for the fragrant, prickly gorse bushes that turn Scotland’s hills to gold in Spring.

Hedder: mid-pink with purple undertones.
Hedder is a Scots name for heather (calluna). For me, this shade of purple-y pink is the quintessential colour of September.


Macallum: raspberry red.

In and around Glasgow (and to a lesser extent elsewhere in Scotland), a Macallum is the name given to a scoop or two of vanilla ice-cream served with raspberry sauce. The confection is strongly associated with the city’s many Italian ice-cream parlours, and with Clyde Football Club, whose colours are red and white. I have no allegiance to Clyde FC, but I am partial to a Macallum, especially when the sauce is made with Scottish raspberries.

These three new shades will be available in Sunday’s shop update. All being well (i.e., if it ever stops raining and we can get outside to take some photographs) we will shortly have a couple of new kits in the new shades to show you too.

This brings the total number of Buachaille shades to ten. I love how they look together!


57 thoughts on “a first look

  1. I’ve always liked the word “furze” – it’s quite onomatopoeic: bushy, but also a bit spiky, like gorse itself. That pink/purple of hedder is just gorgeous :)


  2. So gorgeous! I’m originally from Northumberland, and you’ve captured the autumn shades of the moors so well. My Gran’s house was surrounded by furze bushes and I’ve always loved their cheery colour and smell.

    I don’t know how much you wear perfume, but have a look here: https://uk.lush.com/products/furze


  3. Ooh, these gems round out the Buachaille palette beautifully!
    I’ve long been thinking of making a Galah-inspired jumper (wonderful rose and grey cockatoos we have here in Tasmania, and throughout Australia) and Hedder looks to be almost the perfect rosy, dusky shade of pink! Along with Ptarmigan, Haar, and a smidgen of Macallum, I think I may have finally found the right yarn to use – now on to some kind of design…


  4. All those are beautiful and I’m naturally drawn to blues and greens. I love those. But also the raspberry and red, and off white and grey. And then there’s the yellow….I love them all. Will have to have them, each one, in my stash. We are so lucky to have you as a designer!!!!


  5. Kate, Tom and Bruce,

    OUTSTANDING!!! My favorite has to be the “Hedder”, which is kind of funny since I’m not really a pink fan. This is just so much more than just Pink! I went looking for a picture I took a few years back of the old Maple in the front of our House, near the Lane. When held up to “Hedder and Macallum, it looks as if the colours hopped off the computer screen to the picture! And does it make the Gold tones Pop…so “Furze” is in and amongst the Leaves as well! I’m so happy! I’ve been fiddling with a jumper Idea for my new Grandbaby, Harper. What’s even funnier, now that I think on it, I’ll be ordering the colours on Sunday and of course Ya’ll will pop them off. Then I knit the Jumper and will be mailing it back to Harper in Italy. Talk about a round trip. The colours are perfect. I wanted to post the picture to you but am having trouble. When My son gets home I’ll have him see what h can do, perhaps on Your Facebook! Until then…dreams of Buchaille will be dancing in my head! Kate, you’ve done it again!


  6. In love! Beautiful, I can’t wait to add these colours to my palette of Buachaille
    The inspiration photos are stunning and the wool in the shades looks beautiful. Thank you Kate for adding more excitement in 2016


  7. Lovely additions to the palette. Furze is also the name we in Cornwall give to gorse, there is a saying ‘looking as though you have been through a bush of furze backwards’, said of an untidy person especially their hair! Furze yellow (gold) is also one of the colours of Cornwall, the other being black. Looks like I’ll definitely be buying some of this.


  8. What wonderful new colors – a feast for the eyes – you made nice choices. I could see them mixing with a deep brown also as well as the deep grey you already have.


  9. Beautiful new colours to add to the beautiful original colours. So evocative of the Scottish (and Northern England) landscape. I live in the pennines, and the gorse and heather colours are prominent here as well. I can see some lovely new combinations with the expanded colour palette. Looking forward to the next batch of colours now …!


  10. The furze is the most wonderful shade of yellow, and I can almost smell the coconut scent and see the side of Arthur ‘s seat all lit up in yellow in season. The Macallum made me laugh out loud with delight to think of that ice cream with raspberry sauce. Good enough to eat and to cheer me up on what was shaping up to be a hard day. Thank you, Kate.


  11. Well that certainly opens up new possibilities. The Furze reminds me more of autumn bracken. I’m looking forward to designs to include the new colours – I’m sure you’ve got these in the pipeline too!


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