At last! A day without rain! A wintery-feeling day with frost and hanging mists! We had to get out and go for a walk. Bruce’s foot has still not healed sufficiently for him to be able to join us tramping about in the quagmire (not long to go now, thankfully) so this was a human-only mission.


We walked a lovely circuit round the forest trails near Loch Ard. The woods were still and atmospheric, and there was not a soul about – unless you count the red squirrels and the treecreepers and this wee robin, who followed us about in an appealingly curious fashion.


Down by the loch, the mist sometimes lifted to reveal the bare hills behind – I like the snow, and there has been hardly any this winter. Perhaps a little will fall this weekend.


It was was just the day to photograph my new Epistropheids, which we’ve knit up in the new Buachaille shades. Here’s the first, knit up in Macallum and Haar.

And here’s another, worked in Furze and Squall


I particularly love the way that the red Macallum works with the hat’s crown shaping . . .


. . . but then who can deny the appeal of a gigantic yellow pompom?


If you fancy knitting your own Epistropheid, we will be preparing some kits in these two colourways for Sunday’s shop update.


Fingers crossed for another crisp, dry walking day tomorrow. I hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

61 thoughts on “A walk by Loch Ard

  1. Your lovely photo of the country home just beginning to come into view through the mist reminds me of the movie ‘Brigadoon’ which by the way I saw 5 times as a young girl so many years ago! I loved everything Scottish- tartan, bagpipes and of course Brigadoon. My dad would indulge me by playing the autoharp and singing all the Scottish songs that he knew. Cannot wait to have your lovely buachaille yarn arrive at my door all the way from the country of my childhood dreams.


  2. It’s like you live in a magic fairy land!! And Scottish robins are quite different from Canadian robins. Yours are so small and sweet. Ours are much larger and fiercer looking. :D The hat is just stunning in the red combo.


  3. Just wanted to say how much I like your latest book ‘Buchaille’. I discovered your designs last year browsing on Ravelry and find your creativity and sensitivity very inspiring. I look forward to seeing more of your work in future whether in the form of knitwear, essays or photographs.


  4. Love all the color ways, the new added colors, the walk, photos, the hills, the mist . . . oh so stunning! We have winds gusting in at over 55mph, no snow just polished ice and I am knitting for the day! I do hope Bruce is back in the photos soon!


  5. Such lovely photos. My hands itch to knit using those fabulous colours but sadly my arthritis in those same hands prevent any knitting. The fact that money is terribly tight doesn’t help either. In spite of that I love your blog and enjoy, from the other side of the world all you do. Give Bruce a hug from me.


  6. The magical mood of the landscape – the knitting – the wee robin, all beautifully captured! and I love your tweed coat with the special buttons.. could this be your handiwork also? Your creativity knows no bounds!


    1. Indeed, Kate had posted about her coat and its lovely buttons here:

      I have to say, I did a search for “buttons” on the blog to track down that post. What I found was treasures of posts and comments alike, so many wonderful stories and thoughts shared by Kate and her readers. I’m so glad to have stumbled on this blog in my life, such a beautiful gem for the heart and soul.


  7. Beautiful and such a lovely blog post with excellent photography to finish my day.
    Looking forward to Sunday, I was supposed to knit this hat last year but wasn’t able to get it started, I will have no excuse now. The colours combine so well and the setting makes them extra special


  8. So happy when you take us along on your rambles! I love the new colors of Buachallie & their use in Epistroheid. Also want to add my compliments on your new hair style – it fits so well in the misty scenes.


  9. What lovely photographs. And love your hat in both colour combinations. What a decision to make! And also love the new colours in your buachaille wool. Hope Bruce will be out and about with you soon.


  10. Kate, Tom and Bruce,

    Ever so sad to hear Bruce must still stay at home! Perhaps Next Week! Your Pictures invoke, Sprits, Fairy Tales and Legends, Magical Lights moving in the Mists. I’d love to take all your beautiful photos and make a book or things that inspire! Needless to say I just Love the New colours in the “Epistropheids” hat! Deciding colour combinations is going to be hard. How do you choose when you like them all? I hope that snow is in the clouds for both of us, it’s surely could enough here in Western North Carolina! Perfect weather for a fire in the stove and knitting with a small glass of aged sherry by your side. Come Sunday I’ll be jumping on at your shop at the first possible moment. Christmas may be over, but I still have Buachaille Sugar Plums Dancing in My Head! Have a Wonderful Weekend !


  11. Beautiful photos, beautiful knitting, beautiful yarn. What a treat. So, I will be the doofus and say, “Do you know what Furze means in German?” (sorry….please don’t be mad – am 61 going on 6)


  12. just beautiful, you, the scenery, the house, your knitting, wee robin
    you look so vey different with your hair down, even prettier!
    gorgeous hats
    waiting for Sunday!


  13. Beautiful photos! And it is nice to see you out and about. The Maccallum and haar hat is my type of colour! It has been refreshingly sunny here for the first days of the week, but noww we are back to some grey skies. Maybe your jolly new colours and photos will perk things up for me.


  14. Lovely pictures. Here’s hoping for some snow for you. (That little robin’s breast would be a lovely addition to the Buachaille line.)


  15. It feels so strange to walk without a dog, don’t you think so… Hope Bruce will recover very soon. Unfortually we had to say goodbay to our Colin (chocalat labby) last monday, and we feel very, very sad… Gif your Brucie a big,big hugh from me!🐾. By the way… Love your hat!


  16. Such beautiful pictures, it looks like a wonderful place to go for walks. I love how the new red looks in combination with Haar, and the crown shaping in that hat looks particularly pleasing. I hope Bruce recovers soon, and can join you on your walks again! xxx


  17. I love my virtual treks about the Highlands with you! Can’t wait until Bruce can join us again. Thanks for the dear wee Robin and the lovely photos of the misty landscape and hills. Oh, and those new Buachaille hues! I think an Epistrophe is in my future


  18. Stunning beauty!!! I would just love to fly over and take a walk with you ! And that darling little robin !!
    I can’t wait to get my hands of some Buachaille!! but can’t make up my mind as to which colors!


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