A walk by Loch Ard


At last! A day without rain! A wintery-feeling day with frost and hanging mists! We had to get out and go for a walk. Bruce’s foot has still not healed sufficiently for him to be able to join us tramping about in the quagmire (not long to go now, thankfully) so this was a human-only mission.


We walked a lovely circuit round the forest trails near Loch Ard. The woods were still and atmospheric, and there was not a soul about – unless you count the red squirrels and the treecreepers and this wee robin, who followed us about in an appealingly curious fashion.


Down by the loch, the mist sometimes lifted to reveal the bare hills behind – I like the snow, and there has been hardly any this winter. Perhaps a little will fall this weekend.


It was was just the day to photograph my new Epistropheids, which we’ve knit up in the new Buachaille shades. Here’s the first, knit up in Macallum and Haar.

And here’s another, worked in Furze and Squall


I particularly love the way that the red Macallum works with the hat’s crown shaping . . .


. . . but then who can deny the appeal of a gigantic yellow pompom?


If you fancy knitting your own Epistropheid, we will be preparing some kits in these two colourways for Sunday’s shop update.


Fingers crossed for another crisp, dry walking day tomorrow. I hope you all have a lovely weekend xx