hello again!

Hello again! I really didn’t mean to disappear there . . . I’ve been rather unwell, and these days if I get any sort of infection I always seem to end up with the dreaded tonsillitis, which can really take the wind out of my sails. Happily, I am now rattling with penicillin and have started to feel much better. Since I was last here . . .

The weather has been cold . . .


but rather beautiful!


With the sounds of song thrushes and woodpeckers, and the welcome sight of snowdrops, there are definite signs that Spring is on the way.


Bruce’s buddy, Scout, was here for a brief sojourn.


Tom did this to the van . . .


ahem . . .



. . . and between times, I’ve been doing my level best to keep up with work while feeling distinctly under the weather. I’ve been knitting and continuing with my haps research and today I was at last able to get out to photograph one of my new designs – a yoke sweater and gauntlets, which was inspired by a wonderful shawl I saw in the Gawthorpe textile collection (of which much more later).


This design is one of the new releases I have planned for Edinburgh Yarn Fest, and will be available as a kit.

This will be the first time I’ve been to Edinburgh Yarn Fest, in any sort of capacity, and I’m feeling a wee bit nervous about it! We will have a stand in the marketplace, loaded up with masses of Buachaille, books, patterns and kits.

If you are in Edinburgh the weekend of 18-19 March, please do drop by our stand and say hi (but don’t worry if you can’t be there – there will be a coincident special offers for all newsletter subscribers.)

Right – I’d better get back to work. I hope you are all very well and enjoying this last blast of Winter!