A happy sign of early Spring! And the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot for the final design I’ve prepared for Edinburgh Yarn Fest. This is a piece I’ve been working on for a while, which was inspired by an object in my Hornsea Pottery collection. More of this soon!




14 thoughts on “snowdrops

  1. My Nana used to say. “Dear little snowdrop, lift up your head, beaming so brightly while other flowers are dead”. It didn’t sound so morbid when I was younger…


  2. I look forward to seeing your Hornsea pottery inspired design. We were given Heirloom dinner service as a wedding present in the 1970s, without being consulted about what we liked, and I have to confess that I didn’t like it (and it has now gone, I hope, to a better home). I feel we had a bad introduction to the pottery, as I really like the other items you featured in your recent post.


  3. Here in northeast Ohio, we are still awaiting snowdrops. I think you are a bit ahead of us, even though you are much farther north. Enjoy!


  4. I love Snowdrops they are like a message from nature that Spring, despite the weather, is on the way. I don’t have a big garden and there is one single, solitary Snowdrop right in the middle. When my gardening lady came the other day to tidy up, she very carefully mowed around the Snowdrop. It is still there bravely defying the weather and the local cats and I look at it every day from my living room and it gives me hope.


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