. . . do come and say hello. We’ll be in the Corn Exchange on stand E5, with a shed load of Buachaille, books, patterns and kits.

Things you might like to know:
* All print patterns or books come with a download code for your Ravelry library.
* We will have kits for Funyin, Miss Rachel, Braid Hills, Deco, Goats of Inversnaid, Epistropheid, Jazz Hands available.
* We have lots of kits made up in the sample colours, but they will also be available in your own choice of colourway (that is, you’ll receive the kit discount whichever colourway you choose).
* We have all my books, the Cross Country Knitting booklets, and a large selection of printed patterns.
* We are able to take contactless or standard payments via credit or debit card on the stand. You can also pay with cash, of course.
* I am looking forward to meeting you! If you’d like to say hello, and I’m away on a break, have a quick word with my pals on the stand who will be able to tell you when I’m due back.
* Yes, Bruce will be in Edinburgh this weekend, but no, he will not be in the Corn Exchange.

I’m about to send out the newsletter for those of you who can’t be there.

In haste . . .

36 thoughts on “if you are in Edinburgh this weekend . . .

  1. dear Kate,
    How i’ld like to be in Edinburg last Week end but I was in… Biarritz!!!
    May be I’ll meet you in an other place, in France, where I live?
    Congratulations for all your creativity and for the nice photos!


  2. Hi Kate, hope you had a happy and successful time at Yarnfest. I had to be in Glasgow which wasn’t a million miles away from Edinburgh for work so couldn’t get across. Maybe next time. I have been on the website to order Braid Hills but the sizes are unavailable on the drop down to select. I shall look forward to this being fixed and ordering my kit. Just gives me more time to change my mind again about which beautiful shade to order!


    1. Sue! I had a vague hope that I could make it to Glasgow for some of the conference but we were so busy there was no chance! Going to check what’s happening with the drop-down – the sizes should be there. Thanks for letting me know.
      I think you need to come to Edinburgh next year!


  3. Thoroughly enjoyed photos posted on Ravelry! Your booth was beautiful – I so wanted to touch everything – a feast for the eyes!


  4. Sending much love from Seattle, WA, USA and sorry to have missed it when I’ll be there in May. May I also request a pat for dear Bruce?


  5. As ever, everything good happens on the same day in different places. I will be in Oxford… but I’ll be thinking of all the happy knitters.

    Now I’m wondering what would be an Oxford-ish knit. I didn’t know how to knit when I lived there.


  6. What is Bruce’s favourite treat? I would love to bring him something to thank him for all the awesome pics and stories. I would love to meet him one day (and you this weekend) as he is a real star.
    I was wondering if he was going to be in the city for the weekend or staying with friends at home.


  7. Edinburgh, get ready, the Buachaille caravan is coming! :-) Unfortunately I cannot be there, though I’d love to. Will be there in spirit, hoping to read all the tales later. Wishing you all a wonderful time and lots of success. It is very exciting!


  8. I also wish I could be in Edinburgh! I visited my daughter when she was studying abroad in Aberdeen, and Immediately put Scotland back on my bucket list. Three days in Scotland is ridiculous (especially since one was consumed by jet lag), but we had people to see in Denmark, Italy and Germany. No time for wool or water then, but I do so want to go back for an extended visit.

    Good luck this weekend. I think I should enjoy myself to no end if I were you!!


  9. Fantastique, merveilleux!
    Vos photos, vos paysages, vos matières et vos couleurs me font rêver! Un grand MERCI!!
    Mon anglais est trop faible pour communiquer avec vous, parlez-vous français?


  10. Really sad I can’t be there. I hope, and know, you will have a wonderful time. Judging by the buzz on Ravelry I think you will be overwhelmed by people wanting to purchase your wonderful yarn and kits. Make sure you get plenty of breaks. Hope to catch up at Woolfest. enjoy. Xx


  11. Well, I timed that badly, I am coming home to Fife on Monday for a week. Nevertheless, wishing you a huge success, Kate.


  12. Best wishes on this exciting adventure. Have a walk with Bruce for me and enjoy all the well wishes you receive. With you in spirit from across the big blue sea , diminishing snow piles, and open skies with the honking of returning Canada geese.


  13. In my next life, I will be able to hop on a plane and visit people I admire (you being one of them) and events like this, whenever I darn well please!


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