if you are in Edinburgh this weekend . . .

. . . do come and say hello. We’ll be in the Corn Exchange on stand E5, with a shed load of Buachaille, books, patterns and kits.

Things you might like to know:
* All print patterns or books come with a download code for your Ravelry library.
* We will have kits for Funyin, Miss Rachel, Braid Hills, Deco, Goats of Inversnaid, Epistropheid, Jazz Hands available.
* We have lots of kits made up in the sample colours, but they will also be available in your own choice of colourway (that is, you’ll receive the kit discount whichever colourway you choose).
* We have all my books, the Cross Country Knitting booklets, and a large selection of printed patterns.
* We are able to take contactless or standard payments via credit or debit card on the stand. You can also pay with cash, of course.
* I am looking forward to meeting you! If you’d like to say hello, and I’m away on a break, have a quick word with my pals on the stand who will be able to tell you when I’m due back.
* Yes, Bruce will be in Edinburgh this weekend, but no, he will not be in the Corn Exchange.

I’m about to send out the newsletter for those of you who can’t be there.

In haste . . .