Hello! We’ve been away in Shetland, photographing haps for the new book! It was a week of hard work, but always fun, and made even more so by the fact that we were staying out at Vementry – one of my all-time favourite Shetland spots. More about the trip soon – and in the meantime here are some Vementry snaps.









65 thoughts on “Vementry

  1. You could probably go back and shear those Shetland ponies and then you would have true Shetland wool? :) LOL! Great snaps – loved them all!


  2. Everything about this is fascinating from the size (small) of these shawls, to the colours and the prices. They must have been small hap, or hap-like shawls… Thankyou so much for sharing this!


  3. Thank you for taking us along on your trip to Shetland, a place I so long to visit. The photo of Bruce’s noble face makes me wonder what wisdom he carries inside…


  4. Promote Shetland must be thanking their lucky stars that you are such a great ambassador for them. The photographs bring back happy memories. Looking forward to seeing the book! Thank you.


  5. Those photos make me want to revisit Shetland this year. I have some questions; are the Shetland ponies legs really that short, or are they standing up to their ‘knees’ in a peat bog? Did you travel with Bruce on the boat? We went by plane last year, much quicker. I hope he travels well. I’m enjoying knitting your yarn; it seems to have a mind of its own though! Love the sheepy smell!


  6. I so wish I could come to the Shetlands but don’t wish to endure the seasickness of getting there! So–Instead, I’ll enjoy your beautiful photos. Thanks.


  7. Hi Kate…beautiful shetland pictures…I so want to be there again..love Bruce, just want to kiss that sweet face

    …look forward to your hap book…cheers pat j


  8. Je to fascinující kraj. Nedovedu si představit život bez stromů. Tak odlišné od mé krajiny, jednou se tam podívám na vlastní kůži.


  9. Love the ponies so much. And that Bruce – I have Harry who I always consider the most handsome black lab, but Bruce is right up there!


  10. Lovely photos as always. I have followed you for a long time now and am always inspired by your work, photos, and travels. My husbands’ family is from Tain, Scotland and we lived in county Suffolk for a few years. Our daughter was born in England and it was a great experience. I am an avid knitter since my childhood, we have a farm here in Indiana, U.S., since 1988. The one thing I don’t have , animal wise, is sheep, but I make up for it in purchased yarns! :). Glad to see your Bruce looking so dapper. All the best to you.


  11. Oh dear, I’ll be there in less than two months. This just gets me so excited! Thank you for sharing the family “outing”. Beautiful images and handsome Bruce ;)


  12. So nice to see a place without snow. Ours has gone down a lot, but there’s more on the way on Sunday and Monday. The photos are lovely and I will forward them to my brother(he’s a Tom too) who visits Scotland and our elderly aunt(in Helensburgh) every year.


  13. Great photography as usual, and I wish our Bella could meet your Bruce. What Arthur long strings on things in the water in the top photo?


  14. So glad to see that Bruce is out of his cone of shame & back on duty taking care of you. Beautiful pictures as usual. Thanks for the little holiday, as we’re still piled up with snow here.


  15. I always enjoy photos of handsome Bruce, but these are just the best of him. Beautiful scenery reflecting your love of the Shetlands


  16. Stunning photographs. The Scottish Tourist Board should be paying you – I know these pictures make ME want to visit Scotland!


  17. Ah Kate, What a wonderous place to fill oneself up with beauty. Thanks for sharing. It is -17 celcius with the wind chill this morning. The wee sparrows are flocking around the feeders and their songs sing of the promise of spring. Thank you for the visual lift to accompany the birds this morning.


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