Bruce returns

P1040231 copy

Hiya! It is I, Bruce. Kate and Tom are currently making Book and are spending most of their time rushing about taking photographs, writing words, and engaging in the mysterious activity of “Uploading to Dropbox”. But this is ok, as it gives me an opportunity to talk to you again. Indeed, some of you have written to inform me that you have missed my missives, and to enquire why I have been silent for so very long.

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Friends, the principal reason behind my silence has been the Sorry Affair of the Sick Thumb. I somehow made thumb sick one day while I was out walking and it refused to get better. For weeks – nay – months – I was confined to quarters, forced to don demeaning booties and to swallow large pink pills. I was examined, re-examined, and examined again by various white coated individuals. The white coats said that because we live in the countryside, where the world is very wet and muddy and full (apparently) of something called Infections, that I was not allowed to go outside. I could not enjoy my daily walks and, for a while, this made me quite miserable. During this time I confess I did not feel like writing to you – indeed sometimes I barely wanted to speak to Kate and Tom, even though they tried to make everything fun as usual. But let me tell you that being an indoor dog when one is an outdoor dog is no fun all!

Eventually, though, something good happened. The white coats made me sleepy, removed my thumb and sent it away to a laboratory. After the thumb went to the laboratory all was well! Tom told me that the thumb had something called e-coli in it and, as I no longer had it, I was no longer sick! I was allowed to go outside again! Imagine my joy on that momentous day!

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Since then I have happily returned to my old activities.

Paddling in Loch Lomond . . .

Millarochy Bruce copy

. . . leaping over the hills.

Bruce tree copy

And generally enjoying the great outdoors.

Super Bruce copy

Life is good.

Now, because I am shiny and look like this in photographs, many of you often tell me that I am a dignified and noble dog. But I would like to tell those of you who are convinced of my nobility that dignity is overrated . . .
Bruce7 copy
Bruce 2 copy
Bruce5 copy
Bruce4 copy
Bruce 3 copy
Bruce6 copy

. . .and that daftness is much more fun!

For some reason Kate and Tom howled with uncontrollable laughter when they saw some of these photographs of yours truly. I can’t think why, can you?

Bruce12 copy

See you soon love Bruce xx