Behind the scenes

Writing and photography for our forthcoming Haps book has rather intensely occupied the last month, and I’m now really hap-py to say the end is in sight, as we put the finishing touches to the copy and prepare everything for layout. The sight of a somewhat frazzled me, typing furiously at my desk at 5am in some old pyjamas, is not a sight that anyone would want to see, but I thought you might enjoy a few other behind-the-scenes glimpses at what’s been going on.


Gudrun and Bruce at Muckle Bousta


Donna Smith at Houlland


Tom and Lucy Hague, ascending Calton Hill


Me, on photographic assistant duty, trying not to blow away with my reflector.


Amazing Anne Eunson, helping me out enormously with her mahooosive hap board


Tom setting up his mini-studio in the Shetland Museum store


Its a wrap! Or is that a hap?!

Some of these photographs should give you some hints as to the identities of some of the book’s contributors and collaborators . . . but there’s more!

In a few days time I’ll be sending out our regular newsletter, in which I will reveal the names of the designers who have created haps especially for the book, and with whom I’m very proud to work.

If you’d like to know all the news about the Book of Haps as we approach publication in the coming weeks, then I suggest you sign up now!

More soon!