Harewood Hap


Today’s hap is a symphony in intarsia from inventive designer, Bristol Ivy. Bristol is interviewed today over on Jen’s blog, where you can read more about her creative ethos, and why you don’t need to be intimidated by intarsia.

Bristol’s Harewood hap is one of the designs in this collection that made me gasp when I first saw the sample. So many things about it blow me away – from its simple everyday inspiration (in domestic interiors, quilts and floorboards) to the apparent effortlessness that seems to characterise the movement of those chevrons, hither and yon across the surface of the fabric. I just love it.


After Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March, Bristol came out to visit us for a couple of days so we could take some photographs of her modelling her hap. As I’m out and about walking, I often look for spots that I think would make good locations for photography. The week before Bristol’s visit, I passed through this copse of birches and oaks on the banks of Loch Lomond, and felt that the angles of the trunks and branches would make a great backdrop for her design.


We had a great afternoon, weather-wise, and I rather enjoyed styling Bristol, and assisting Tom. Sometimes its quite nice not to be in front of the camera. I love all of Tom’s photos, but I think these ones of Bristol by Loch Lomond are really pretty special.


Bristol’s beautiful and graphic Harewood hap is a great example of the innovation in construction and surface design that makes her work so very exciting. I think hands down she’s one of the most interesting designers around at the moment. She’s also a superb model. . .


. . . and an all round good egg.


You can see the hap patterns as they are revealed each day on Ravelry, and pre order The Book of Haps here.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an interview from another inventive hap designer!


Thankyou, Bristol, for creating your beautiful hap.