Today’s hap is by talented Edinburgh-based Lucy Hague, and you can read Lucy’s fascinating account of the inspiration behind it over on Jen’s blog.

Lucy3 copy

When we asked Lucy to contribute to The Book of Haps, I knew she’d create something really special. Combining cables and lace in an intricate but highly structured way, Lucy’s Uncia hap is a breathtaking example of her signature style.

Lucy8 copy

The hap echoes the cathedral architecture that inspired it not just in the lines and motifs that criss-cross its fabric, but in the overall effect of the design, which powerfully suggests grace, delicacy, and strength.

Lucy7 copy

The shape of the hap is one-twelfth of a circle, the Latin name for which is Uncia. As it was the first one-twelfth-shaped hap I’d seen, I was intrigued by what a wearable shape it proved to be!

Lucy4 copy

We shot these photographs with Lucy above the streets of her Edinburgh home on Calton Hill.

Lucy1 copy

I did the styling, and yes – Lucy is sporting another Cabbages and Roses coat (of which, now I come to think of it, you’ll see five among this book’s photography, one of which is Donna’s own from yesterday). All I can say is that I clearly have an obsession, which has been happily fed over the years by eBay.

Lucy10 copy

I just love Tom’s photographs of Lucy, and think they really illustrate the wonderful complexity of the “Pebble Beach” shade of Fyberspates Vivacious 4 ply she chose to knit her hap.


We also thought you’d like to know about a wee launch and signing we have planned for the book in Edinburgh, at Kathy’s Knits, on June 11th.


I will be there, with my co-editor, Jen, and at least two of The Book of Haps’ other contributors (Gudrun and Lucy) as well as my pal Mel. We would love to sign your copy and chat about the book, so please drop by if you can!

Meanwhile, you can pre-order your copy here, and explore the already-revealed designs from the book on Ravelry.

24 thoughts on “Uncia

  1. how awesome. i have braved the exchange rate and ordered the book because I just had to. no idea which of these magnificent designs i will make first. the photography is breathtaking, the styling supreme. i can’t wait.
    about lucy’s hap, I am intrigued by the “one twelth” I am stunned by the glorious cathedral inspired design and the colour… what else could it be? It is many years since I visited beautiful edinburgh but one day I long to return and track you all down to knit with you and have a cuppa! (On my way to the shetlands, the faroes, iceland….)
    cheers from south australia


  2. Hi Kate,

    Another beautiful shawl. I am so excited to receive my copy. Like many others, it would be lovely if you could sign my book. I did hear a rumour that the books would be signed – so I hope this is true.

    Simply amazing.

    Best regards,



  3. Beautiful architecture of the shawl, both in shape and design! All of these photos of you and the other designers depict women of such strength and substance, superior to any Vogue layout that I’ve ever seen!
    Styling magnificent as always, but Kate…what about those gorgeous green boots? Who makes them? Never seen anything like them in the US, and I want them!


  4. The patterns in your book keep going from strength to strength! So many so-called “designs” are merely stitch patterns foisted on a standard triangle, rectangle, or crescent with stockinette short rows, that I (or any other minimally-experienced knitter) can easily reverse engineer. Not these, I am thrilled to say. These are truly *creations*. You and your contributors should pat yourselves on the back. I’m sending you a virtual pat.

    Question – If I pre-order your fabulous book, is it possible to have you all sign it and then mail it to me? (The “you all” in my last sentence is a clue – your book will have to travel across the Atlantic and down south.)

    Thank you.


  5. Tom’s photography is just stunning and your styling makes me excited about receiving the book. The Haps, it goes without saying, are great. I was going to ask about the coats and you answered my question today. I had wondered if you all wear such great fashion all the time while we are running around in ugly snow jackets. The coats have been spectacular!


  6. Another in the que! This is such an unique collection ~ I love how each designer has included aomething they love ♡


  7. It is so marvelous!!! It will be very hard to choose “the one”…what a team of gorgeous designers, stylists, photographers and all….


  8. So if I knitted 12 of these and joined them together would I get an immense circle? This is such a lovely design ( though I love all the designs we’ve seen from the book so far) and makes me want to make a huge Rose window since I love gothic architecture.


  9. Fabulous. And the photos of the cathedrals in the post are truly beautiful, as, of course, are those of Lucy herself. Have ordered some Fyberspates to sail the ocean to New England for this one! Thank you for the lovely, lovely book that will soon follow.


  10. Hello Kate, I pre – ordered the ‘Fantastic Hap Book’ a few days ago… The haps look really adorable and the background information is so fascinating. May I ask you to sign the book for me…I’m not in Edinburgh around the time of the launch of the hap book…what a pity for me! I really enjoy reading your blog and notice that there is such a big change about knitting and knitting yarn supply in Scotland since the time I was living in Scotland – 36 years ago. I was living in a small fishing village around Aberdeen and I could hardly find any wool without synthetics in it, it was really difficult to find a decent yarn at that time…hard to believe, but true. Sometimes I ended up picking the wool from the fences where sheep were grazing nearby, then washing, spinning and finally knitting the yarn..(this was suggested by an Scottish artist I was friends with). I am really looking forward to that book, I immensely enjoy reading your blog with all the background information…and the lovely photos. I am a weaver (designer and maker), knitter for pure pleasure and textile enthusiast…Many greetings from Switzerland, Birgit

    Liked by 1 person

  11. This is indeed breathtaking, such an unusual shape and the pattern is so delicate. I cannot wait to start on this one!
    And thank for explaining where all those beautiful coats come from! Johanna


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