haps, sheep, and me


Hiya! It is I, Bruce. For weeks – nay months – pretty much all I have heard about is haps. Kate has been writing about them, and making a book about them, and apparently she now just can’t stop knitting them.

Wazz knits copy

Now, these haps are all well and good, but other exciting things have been happening around here too. For example, last weekend was Drymen Show, which is a Very Big Deal around these parts. Kate and Tom tell me they go to Drymen Show for the sheep, which I find mystifying. Much of Drymen show is mystifying, come to think of it, from a dogs-eye view anyway. From what I can tell, at Drymen Show, human and animal buddies compete to see who is the best, and if they are the best, they win a ribbon. Sometimes the humans and animals compete together . . .

Horse jump copy

Clydesdale1 copy

Clydesdale2 copy

. . . and sometimes on their own.

Baby coo copy

. . . though this interesting prize-winning exhibit cleverly involved human, animal, and vegetable.

Aubergine penguin copy

But it is the sheep-buddies that really seem to interest Kate and Tom.

Horns copy
Ears copy
Zwartbles1 copy
Valais Blacknose copy
two sheep

Kate and Tom often chat with these animals’ owners, and when they are doing so, I occasionally hear them making disturbing noises about “keeping a few sheep” and suchlike. At such worrying moments, it is relatively easy to distract them by pursuing the discarded morsel of a venison burger, or showing an over-eager interest in a child’s Darth Vader-shaped balloon.

balloons copy

For there is no need of sheep around here. Can a sheep leap boldly into the loch?


Can it successfully retrieve a Big Stick from the water?


Can it then shake itself joyously all over you?

shakeshake copy

Will a sheep sit at your feet all day while you knit away on your interminable hap?

Bruce and Wazz feet copy

I rest my case.


See you soon, love Bruce x