on woman’s hour!

(over the bridge to the BBC at Pacific Quay . . . )

I am about to take a much-needed break, but just had to pop in and tell you about my forthcoming interview for BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. I’ve been listening to Woman’s Hour since I was a teenager, and the voices of Jeni Murray, Martha Kearney and Jane Garvey have accompanied many key moments in my life, in many different contexts. I’m a great admirer of the intelligence and range of the programme, of its general inclusivity, and perhaps particularly of its incisive coverage of women’s issues around the world. I don’t have much of a desire for public appearances, or whatever, but Tom and my mum will both tell you that I’ve long held a quiet ambition to appear on Woman’s Hour . . . and that this has now come to pass is entirely thanks to a reader of this blog, whom I have never (knowingly) met or spoken to, who kindly recommended me to the programme’s production team. If you are out there, dear reader, thank you so very much – I feel both humbled and honoured by your recommendation, which has fulfilled a long held dream! I popped down to Pacific Quay in Glasgow this morning, sat in a studio, and really enjoyed chatting with Jane Garvey. If you are in the UK, you’ll be able to hear my interview with Jane as part of Woman’s Hour Listener Week on Monday July 11th. To create an interesting “chain” of interviewees, who will each appear on the programme during listener week, I was asked to nominate a woman who had inspired me . . . can you guess who I suggested?

Now for a wee break, with lots of knitting, a few saved-up audio books and (hopefully) a little sunshine. I hope you are all enjoying the start of July – I will be back here to catch up with you later this month.