Hello! We have been away enjoying the landscape, sights, sounds, and colourful details of the beautiful Haut Var. A fortnight of bright light and warmth was just what was required. Here are some snapshots of our trip.

Gorge copy
Lac de Saint Croix

cascade1 copy
Sillans la Cascade

church in a cave copy
Cave chapel at Fox Amphoux

wazzmoustier3 copy
Moustiers Sainte-Marie

tourtourview copy
view above Tour Tour

Gervasoni copy
olivepress copy
Olive oil production in an eighteenth-century mill

gallery street copy
colourful canvases

handknocker copy
amazing doorways

flower pattern copy
Faience patterns

guitarbuddy copy
music in the square

blue window copy
ochre and blue

Graffiti copy

Wazz fox tiles copy
among the tiles

wazzaups copy
the streets of Aups.

I’ll be back shortly with more news and photos, but just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your comments on my Woman’s Hour interview. I really enjoyed chatting with Jane Garvey, and also wanted to give a massive shout-out to Maylin Scott for nominating me, and for introducing me so very kindly and articulately. If you’ve not already done so, please do go and have a listen to the rest of the week’s “chain” of excellent women, among whom I’m proud to be included. Like Felix, I feel particularly grateful at the moment for the strength, support, friendship, creative inspiration, and general good sense of the online crafting community. Thankyou, all of you.

29 thoughts on “holiday snaps

  1. Hi Kate, I’m lucky enough to live in this area, those are all my local sights which are every bit as wonderful to live around. In future, I shall think to look for Bruce wandering our streets so that we can offer you a local glass or two. The Tour passed here two years ago and we shared the festivities and excitement but were nowhere near as clever as Tom in capturing it visually. Also loved the Women’s Hour, and to hear your voice, I was probably listening to it as you walked in our village! This strange method of communication through the clouds can become so personal.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview. Thank you for your frankness & honesty. It’s been such a joy getting to know you through your blog, patterns & books. And, beautiful holiday photos!
    Hello from hot hot hot Washington, DC!
    All the best


  3. I am amazed and blown away by your photography of the place. The area in and of itself is spectacular, and you captured it perfectly, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us. Besides the beautiful scenery, I especially liked the Faience. I was able to get the broadcast of the Women’s Hour when you were on and the next day Félix. So exciting to hear your voices from so far away.


  5. What a treat you gave us! Beautiful photos and you look wonderful! I did get to hear your interview and enjoyed it, glad you got to do it. Of course we await your next beauteous knitting :) stay rested.


  6. Like Betty, I have been following the Tour de France. What a coincidence to fine your beautiful pics in my email. Thanks!


  7. I’ve been watching the Tour de France, which rolled through your vacation area last week. The peloton has begun looking like knitting, with the riders as individual stitches, little “V” shapes as they pack precisely together.


  8. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for “taking us along” on your trip. Loved how your dresses blended with the colorful scenery. I wonder if we might be seeing a tile roof-inspired knitting pattern in the future? If not you, I bet Felix could make something amazing of it.


  9. How absolutely beautiful – location, photos and you. I have been trying to figure out how to send you a pic of Sally Mavor’s felting work “DISPLACED.” As a wool person I thought you’d love it. If you have a chance maybe you could look for her work on internet. No connection to me – just thought you’d appreciate it. Have a wonderful rest of your time in France.


  10. Kate, I always love your photographs – such rich colours and wonderful “finds”. Very best wishes from Galiano.


  11. So beautiful…I adore the south of France, we’ve always spent our time there on the coast but I know exactly what you mean about the light, nothing quite like it.
    Your interview was great and I couldn’t believe it when returning to the car after a walk, there you were on the car radio on Radio 2 on the same day. :)


  12. Wow, what a beautiful place. A nice warm up and a bit of rest are always good for the body and the soul. Be well.


  13. I treated myself to a new dress today inspired by you from Lindybop. I was tempted by alpine one but that can wait for a future purchase. I went for a nice Navy blue with white polka dots and a wide red belt.
    It has certainly been excellent dress weather for you in France and now you catch it back home again providing you avoid the bucketing rain.


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