Hello! We’ve been away!


camping in one of my all-time favourite places . . .


exploring some new-to-us spots . . .




and meeting some inspiring people.


Though we were having fun in Shetland (as we always do) this was a working week, and the inspirational folk were the reason why we were there. We’ve been beavering away on an exciting new project, which I’ll be able to say more about in the next post. Stay tuned!

23 thoughts on “a Shetland week

  1. So far, as I tune into this post, it looks like you have mostly local readers responding to your amazing photos and what
    you’ve been up to on the creative front. But I’m here with you from the U.S, on the California coast
    enjoying your beautiful landscape, just as interested in what you’re up to, what you’re seeing, what you’re learning,
    and how you might share that.
    I love learning your expressions – from the “tatties” (which I ate last night, never before referring to them as tatties – ha!) to now the “beavering” … is that a word? Or a Scottish expression? Well, no matter. It makes sense. You’ve been working!
    I look forward to learning what’s ahead!

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    1. ‘Beavering’ is probably more an English, than a Scottish expression. To ‘beaver away at something’ means to work busily and industriously on a task.


  2. Tom’s pictures are great. I see a Yoke in the colors of the fish pots/traps (?). The yellows, orange and bits of blue would surely make a beautiful yoke. Also, the mist/cloud over the mountain is so mysterious and dreamy.


  3. love the photos! So beautiful there.

    Last week I was in my local yarn store filling my basket with wonderful yarn and fiber when a beautiful photo caught my eye, lured me in… I did sums in my head… I put half the yarn and fiber back and added instead a beautiful book of Haps. A treasure indeed, last copy on the shelf. It makes me quiver with excitement that you are considering something else new and wonderful.


  4. Fabulous photos! Almost makes me want to go camping in Shetland….almost! I do like my creature comforts!
    Thanks for the beauty from the comfort of my own home!

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  5. Kate — I am loving your Emily’s Garden picture! The composition and colors, the clouds encroaching on the hilltop across the water, the flowers in the foreground, the fence… it Deserves to be painted!


  6. Thanks to a recommendation of yours some time ago, I have my own daily visit to Lerwick, via
    But I have to say, YOUR photographs are, as ever, quite beautiful!


  7. We have lovely photos of the Scottish light picked up in a street fair in Edinburgh during a visit in August 2004, including one of a boat sitting above the water. Always a pleasure to see your photos and hear of your activities, Kate!


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