its the weekend!

Thank you for all your comments on the last post! And especially for the helpful recommendation of water shoes – my dropped foot annoyingly makes many kinds of footwear very tricky to manage (it refuses to walk in any kind of flip-flop or heel-less sandal, for example) so I’d sort of not thought of trying – but the water shoes I’ve seen online since reading your comments seem to grip to the foot, which is completely do-able. I shall give it a go. I feel an inevitable path is opening up towards the acquisition of a wetsuit and swimming in Loch Lomond. How amazing would it be to swim out to Inchcailloch? Something to aim for.

Tom is processing images, and, while I think about it, there’s a nice photograph of Jesus (our cat) who Noemie asked about the other day. Let me assure you the wee man is doing just fine and is now approaching his 17th birthday. Tom took this photograph recently on film.


And here’s another multi-exposure star trail from the West Highland Way last night. Tom says the cloud started rolling in a little earlier than he’d liked, but he was pleased to capture the pole star.


Finally, Bruce says if I’m posting photographs there really should be one of him. Here’s an exuberant shot (taken on film again) during our last Shetland trip. If you look at the horizon, you’ll see Sumburgh Head and Jarlshoff.


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend xx