Helen asked about knitting yesterday . . . well, there’s not much I can show you at the moment as everything is under wraps. However, there are lots of new designs forthcoming: we’ve been hard at work all summer preparing my new collection, and we are now off to photograph it in one of our favourite places. The collection is a mix of garments and accessories and (as seems to be something of a trend at the moment) half are sized and designed for both men and women. I’ll be able to tell you more about the collection very soon. . . In the meantime, the photograph at the top of this post should give you some hint as to our location, and indeed my inspiration.

See you soon!

23 thoughts on “collection photoshoot

  1. Oh Islay! We went last year in June (it’s a very long way from Canberra, Australia) and I just want to go back to Islay so much! Maybe next year if work, finances and life align. I’m looking forward to this collection immensely.


  2. Still haven’t learned to knit (!!), but am weaving and spinning and love being inspired on so many levels by your writing, photos, recipes and….Everything! Looking forward to cooler weather, so I can bring out my Scottesque kilt which I ordered after my sister, an amazing knitter, told me about your blog.


  3. I love that plaid pattern, and I’m a huge green fanatic. So gorgeous with black and cream too! Wait, how did I miss Tom’s hose? Where can I see them????

    I’d also love to know the pattern that the incredibly talented woman who knitted the fence used for her design. I want one!!!

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    1. I believe Anne Eunson used the “Print o’ the Wave” pattern for her knitted fence, but maybe Kate can let us know for sure.


    2. Hi Susan
      If you look in the blog archives August 9, 2015, you’ll find the lovely photos of the handmade wedding – including the beautiful socks!


  4. Looking forward to seeing what is in the new collection, which I hope will include your wedding cardigan & Tom’s kilt hose, as well as some beautiful shots of Islay.


  5. For all those interested in the skirt in the picture which is made by Scottesque here in Aberdeen – They have recently gone ‘made by appointment only’ after years of having a shop.


  6. A new collection? How exciting! I love your designs so much and am happily working my way through your book of haps. Looking forward to seeing the new patterns and the beautiful photos that will undoubtedly show them off.


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