Goat train!

Hello from Islay where we are having a fantastic (and very productive) time! I am so pleased with the photographs that I (rather than Tom) shot this morning that I just had to share a couple with you. As you know, I’ve got a bit of a thing about wild goats (so much so that I designed a pattern in their homage) – but have so far found these elusive creatures a wee bit tricky to photograph. Happily The Oa (where we are currently staying) abounds with wild goats, so I spent this morning goat-stalking with Tom’s camera, and was lucky enough to get a few really good shots, including one of this magnificent creature . . .


. . . together with his buddies, ascending the cliffside, in an orderly GOAT TRAIN!


well, that’s enough goat-related excitement for one day!

Hope your week is starting well

Kate xx