mair goats


We are having a very productive time here in Islay, and, with the help of Mel and Gordon, have now photographed two-thirds of the garments and accessories for the new collection. We’ve also been enjoying the island’s wildlife – including witnessing the seasonal arrival of migrating geese; spotting hen harriers, eagles and chough above us out on the moor; seeing a pod of dolphins swim by at close quarters, and being dazzled by a charm of fluttering goldfinches (yes, apparently that really is the collective noun for goldfinch). And of course, there are the goats. Not to be outdone, today Tom shot some fantastic photographs of our favourite bearded neighbours here on the Oa, which you can see above and below.




For those of you who are (inexplicably) not interested in goats, or photographs of goats, I promise normal, non-goat related, blog business will resume very shortly.