November sun

The weather really was glorious today. So, leaving Tom liaising with our printer, and muttering about gutters and crop marks, I decided to take the afternoon off. I took a camera and headed out to Loch Lomond with Bruce and walked for a few hours. This was just what was needed to blow away the cobwebs!


The Loch Lomond oaks are looking wonderful in their autumn colours. Below is one of my favourite trees – I look for it every time I walk here, and tend to think of Van Gogh when I see it in light like today’s.


Here is the copse where we photographed Bristol back in March with her Harewood Hap. It is beautiful with the trees in full leaf and when they are bare, but I think it is particularly lovely now with the last of the leaves and the golden sun.


I didn’t meet many folk out walking today, but everyone I happened across seemed to have a camera.


And no wonder – the quality of the light was pretty extraordinary.


Bruce doesn’t care what the light is like. . .


. . . as long as he gets a swim. (Note the glove in his mouth – the season of discarded knitwear is upon us)


Snow is forecast here tomorrow so there might not be too many more days like this to enjoy autumnal colour this year.