The weather really was glorious today. So, leaving Tom liaising with our printer, and muttering about gutters and crop marks, I decided to take the afternoon off. I took a camera and headed out to Loch Lomond with Bruce and walked for a few hours. This was just what was needed to blow away the cobwebs!


The Loch Lomond oaks are looking wonderful in their autumn colours. Below is one of my favourite trees – I look for it every time I walk here, and tend to think of Van Gogh when I see it in light like today’s.


Here is the copse where we photographed Bristol back in March with her Harewood Hap. It is beautiful with the trees in full leaf and when they are bare, but I think it is particularly lovely now with the last of the leaves and the golden sun.


I didn’t meet many folk out walking today, but everyone I happened across seemed to have a camera.


And no wonder – the quality of the light was pretty extraordinary.


Bruce doesn’t care what the light is like. . .


. . . as long as he gets a swim. (Note the glove in his mouth – the season of discarded knitwear is upon us)


Snow is forecast here tomorrow so there might not be too many more days like this to enjoy autumnal colour this year.

38 thoughts on “November sun

  1. Stunning pictures. I took so many pictures of beautiful trees when I was in Scotland this summer with my husband. Mine didn’t do them justice though.


  2. So beautiful! I love this time of year – the colours are wonderful and you’ve captured them so well. I had fun outside when I went to pick up my niece from school this afternoon, wheeling through all the fallen leaves!


  3. Such a lovely landscape. Does Bruce have a collection of discarded gloves? I remember a post from some time ago about how he was forced to leave his findings on the wall — has he persuaded his humans to let him take a few home? Thanks for taking us along on your walk.


  4. Your photos always leave me with a exhilarating feeling – certainly makes me need to see Scotland :) Thanks for sharing so much of what you see!


  5. Dear Bruce, this cat from Downunder finds the idea of paddling in the loch just a wee bit chilly. Please dry off properly – don’t shake yourself all over your human!
    PS Kate, the colours are glorious.


  6. Dear Bruce,

    My humans also took me for a hike today. I want a lake like yours for splashing in. I only had puddles left from a recent storm, but got nice and muddy anyhow. The humans didn’t find that amusing and made me sit on a towel on the ride back home. I wish we could take long long muddy walks everyday, but the humans seem to think that doesn’t fit with this thing they call “real life.”


    Odie the Border Collie


  7. Oh my goodness–so amazing! I love how sculptural trees become when the summer fades and there is less and less greenery around them. Thank you for sharing this lovely scenery!


  8. Aren’t we all fortunate to be able to see such
    beautiful moments that envoke such happiness
    and peace. Light-colour-depth-textures.
    I’d love some yarn in these colours…….. 😌


  9. I get very homesick when I see your photos of the loch. A girl from Helensburgh, I had my wedding reception on the banks of the loch, in the Lomond Castle hotel. It’s a very special place. Sadly I now live in the south of England.


  10. I adore oaks, and your favorite is a real standout. Such breathtaking colors and light. Do you mind if I use your photo for my cover photo on facebook? I can add a note in Photoshop for a credit.


  11. Thank you for sharing these stunning pictures, Kate….they inspire me with their sparse
    sense…partially clothed trees…low sun angle…the feeling that winter is patiently waiting to descend…I love this season best of all…….

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  12. Gorgeous! Thank you for sending them out to us. Most of the leaves are down around here now. I do love those wonderful golds, especially your Van Gogh tree.


  13. Thank you for sharing this autumnal feast of colour and design found in nature. Your photos this fall are lovely and I wonder if I am correct in guessing this is a rare kind of weather you have been experiencing. Having experienced the “moisture surge” in Scotland one August, I appreciate the beauty you have shown us. Enjoy the first snowfall.


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