I thought you might like to see this wee time lapse of Tom, Ivor and me (and Bruce of course) working to label, sign and pack the last of the casebound editions of Shetland Oo. The time lapse compresses two hours work into around half a minute’s action. We have been very busy, as you can see! If you are waiting for your copy, all orders should be in the post by Saturday, so there isn’t long to wait now.

34 thoughts on “two hours work

  1. One of the many aspects of your enterprise which I admire is your infectious enthusiasm for it all. Now that my copy of the paperback has just arrived I see that manifest in the book too. I look forward to reading Kate’s words, and do hope that you will have an exhibition of the photographs somewhere too.


  2. Kate and Tom , Shetland Oo arrived in the post today, This is to thank both of you and all the wonderful people involved in the making (makkin) of this Beautiful Book . I am so looking forward to reading Kate’s writing and enjoying your wonderful photography Tom. Once again thank you to all team with Kind Regards from Maggie xx


  3. Bruce seems to be lurking near his food bowl wondering when someone’s going to pay attention to HIM!! As well he should!!

    Great fun, Kate, thanks for that!


  4. What team work!! And to think one of them will be mine! Must get lots of jobs done this weekend, cards written etc so that when the postman knocks, I can sit and read at my leisure!!


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