Deco & Epistropheid


Winning Microbusiness of the Year! Miss Rachel’s Yoke and Gauntlets


Funyin; Edinburgh Yarn Fest


Work in Shetland.

The Book of Haps

Pink fish 2 copy

Bruce and Wazz feet copy
Pink fish mittens ; knitting with Bruce

wazzaups copy

Woman’s Hour interview at the BBC; trip to France

Bressay Lighthouse

Return to Shetland. Photography, writing and designing.

Working in Islay. More writing, more photography, more designing.


Fog and rainbows. More photography, more writing.

Shetland Sheep

Shetland Oo



Inspired by Islay

We wish you all the very best for a peaceful festive season.

Love Kate, Tom and Bruce


40 thoughts on “a year in pictures

  1. Good Morning Kate, my name is Jorjan Werry. I am from Washington state, USA. I have been wanting to visit the Shetland islands since forever. I am now even more determined to visit from following your blog. My question is do you know of anyone that gives a great tour of Shetland for knitters? Thank you in advance for any and all help.

    Jorjan Werry



  2. Kate and tOm! Very best wishes for a terrific 2017! I so enjoy receiving all your textural offerings. You have a knack for writing as well as designing, Kate. Must tell you I am carefully recording each of Tom’s whiskey referrals for my own tasting in 2017! Many thanks for your grand efforts! They are very much appreciated!


  3. Merry Christmas and to a Happy New Year and congratulations on a wonderful year well done. I’ve been following and reading and knitting with you for years. So much change and inspiration, you are truly a gift to the world. I’ve enjoyed all you have to offer and these photographs are proof of the wonderful offerings you give to us. Tom’s photography is just gorgeous, Bruce’s enthusiasm is infectious and the little I’ve seen of Jesus lately, well he’s a cat and all cats deserve to be admired. Thank you for sharing a year of your life in photos.


  4. Thank you for such an inspiring year! Someday I will visit but for now I’m very grateful for your stories and photographs! Best wishes for a wonderful holiday.


  5. Thank you for a wonderful year of knitting, amazing photos and opportunities to learn more about knitting, about Scotland and recently about whiskey :) Wishing a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2017.


  6. Thank you for the Book of Haps especially. I bought one in May to give as a gift, could not part with it, and yet my hastily (recently) ordered copy arrived in America on Dec 23rd, right in time for Christmas. Perfect! Merry Christmas.


  7. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Kate. I have your e-book off of Ravelry but finding your site this year and all of these beautiful pictures has been wonderful. May your New Year be prosperous and full of wonderful oo and doggie hikes and beautiful patterns and images.


  8. It is always such a pleasure to open your latest post – always something beautifully unique, always stunning photographs, and with your talent, generous heart and spirit, you Kate. Happy Christmas to you all and may you continue to flourish.


  9. Thank you for a quality experience for your readers.
    I’m so impressed by the care you put into your work and products.
    It’s been great fun watching you grow.


  10. What a light you are in our readers’ lives. A truly bright spark in 2016 reminding us that creativity and beauty have deep roots and can sustain us. Blessings on you and Tom and Bruce. Thank you.


  11. So glad I found you this year !!! My Hexa Hap is so wonderful , warm and cozy , I love it . Blessings to y o u and Tom this coming New Year , I hope now to travel someday to Scotland, Lovies G.


  12. Merci beaucoup à tous les trois pour tous ces petits bouts de la beauté du monde que vous faites entrer dans ma vie.
    Je vous souhaite de récolter au centuple ce que vous semez.
    Tous mes voeux de bonheur et de réussite pour 2017 !


  13. Absolutely stunning photographs and knitting! Thank you for inspiring me. I am currently working through your book of haps and thoroughly enjoying them.
    On a photo subject, can I ask which camera you use? I’m researching at the moment as an aspiring serious beginner.
    Happy Christmas to you all,


  14. Hello Kate…want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year , to you , Tom , and a Bruce …it’s been a wonderful year to be a part of your life through your blog….a year of amazing creativity for you and Tom, and the joy of doing that together

    All my best wishes …hugs pat j


  15. I’m going to suggest a new award for you, Tom and Bruce. One that covers generosity ( in sharing your lives), enthusiasm ( for wool, people and surroundings) and outstanding creativity. I raise a glass and give you a toast to greater blessings for 2017.

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Thank you for 2016.. This was the year that I discover Kate Davies (and Tom and his photography). Two of my favourite books are Book of Haps and Shetland Oo – both treasured.

    Here’s to a wonderful 2017 for you all.



  17. What a nice way to share your successful year with photos. Its been a pleasure to remember as I scroll through them. Look forward to new paths you will travel in 2017. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  18. What a year and thank you for letting us share in your work and your success. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a fantastic 2017


  19. What an eventful year you all have had and I am an Armchair Traveler right along with you!! Thanks so much for sharing all your adventures, patterns, books, Bruce and thoughtfulness.
    Congratulations again on your Awards. You certainly deserve them!! Health and Peace to you all.


  20. Thanks for a year filled with great knitting and Oo-related informations, beautiful photographies as well as inspiring knitting projects. A new post ob your blog is always a highlight.


  21. Thanks for the reminders of 2016, the year in which I first heard about you on Woman’s Hour, Radio 4, in July. I have just listened again to that interview – the listener chain was a great radio concept, introducing us to so many interesting people. Thanks for taking part in it – I’m currently knee-deep in your Inspired by Islay club, and I have to say, I’m so happy I heard Woman’s Hour that day! Best wishes for 2017.


  22. Thank you for everything you do, you bring so much enjoyment and knowledge into my life. May you all have a very happy Christmas and another wonderful year in 2017.


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