An Islay trio

I’m having such fun with our Islay club! I’ve been working on these ideas and designs for so long it feels fantastic to finally share them. The first three designs from the collection are a trio inspired by Finlaggan (Islay’s ancient administrative centre), each of which has different celebratory associations.

The first pattern is the Finlaggan cardigan based on the original garment I created to wear at my wedding.


The second pattern from the club is the Lord of the Isles kilt hose, which I knitted for Tom when we were married and which he now wears for special occasions, every time he dons his kilt.


And the final pattern in the trio is the Somerled hap, which I designed for my mum in celebration of her 70th birthday.


This is a “fancy” hap of the kind frequently made in Shetland (and elsewhere in Scotland) for special occasions, and I made my mum’s original in a traditional natural white. Here it is with me at Finlaggan.


But I also think this hap looks amazing in a bold, contemporary shade, such as the rich gold of Buachaille’s furze colourway.


There are four pattern “trios” in the Inspired by Islay collection, and next week I move on to sharing the first of the next set, which involves a rather different style of knitting. . .

If you are a club member, I hope you are having just as much fun as I am, and if you aren’t, and would like to join, you can do so here (you’ll receive all previously issued patterns and newsletters).

Roll on, 2017! See you on the other side.