Hiya, it is I, Bruce.

Today I am here to tell you about Tom’s latest obsession, which is a thing called Infrared.


A few weeks ago, Tom acquired a camera from one of his favourite photographers, a man named David Clapp. Now this Clapp takes interesting photos and Tom was very excited to experiment with a camera formerly owned by Clapp, which had been “infrared adapted”.


Tom told me that infrared light has a longer wavelength than visible light, and therefore cannot be seen by either dogs or humans. But snakes can see it and so, apparently, can Clapp’s camera because it has a special filter to enable it to capture this strange world that dogs cannot see.


Now, I can’t say I generally have much interest in photography infrared or otherwise — indeed, around these parts it is often an unwelcome distraction from the serious business of Getting on With Walk or Savaging Branch.


But in recent weeks Tom’s obsession with Clapp’s camera has meant that I’ve really been able to enjoy myself out here on the West Highland Way, leaping over the hills and snuffling in the bracken for hours — as long as I occasionally oblige Tom by posing beside this tree.


Such is life.

This tree has become a focus of Tom’s strange preoccupation. It is winter here, so many plants are dead, but this tree is a Scots Pine – known as an evergreen – and it really is! When Clapp’s camera sees the tree, it reflects the infrared light and takes on a strange, otherwordly glow.


When Tom told me that this ethereal, dream-like quality is known as the “Wood effect” I was extremely excited! Wood, after all is where Sticks come from, and who can argue with a Stick? Sadly, though, the Wood in this instance refers to photographic pioneer Robert Williams Wood (1868-1955). He had a good name, anyway.


If you are a snake, this infrared stuff will be nothing new to you, and you probably already know all about the Wood effect. Tom however, is a human not a reptile and seems to be enjoying exploring the slightly otherworldly possibilities of infrared, especially in relation to his favourite local tree.


See you soon, love Bruce xx

47 thoughts on “infrared

  1. Very interesting photos of one tree and loved reading Bruce’s comments. I also have a favorite tree that I photograph through the seasons, an apple tree. It is VERY OLD and knarly. We must surround ourselves with beauty in this now troubled world and Tom’s photos are a good way to do that. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am trying to remember back to my high school photography class (it’s been more than a little while). Does the infrared show heat as that wonderful glow? I remember for my infrared assignment I shot two black horses in summer and they were glowing magnificently.


  3. Bruce, this is a fascinating post, thank you. Oh, and by the way, I must complement you on you fine use of the Queen’s english. You certainly have a large vocabulary for a dog. Cheers!


    1. I’m sorry you did not find it beautiful here. You’ll have to go somewhere different in the US next time. There are some places where I would definitely agree with you that it is not pretty, but there are so many places in the US that are just as breathtaking as the Scottish scenery!


      1. Not saying it’s not beautiful in the USA, I have lived here my entire life. I’m just saying it’s not pretty what our new president is planning to do with this country of ours. We will survive as we have for the last couple hundred years it’s just going to take some time to undo what he will have done in the next four years .


  4. Oh thank you, beautiful Bruce for this wonderful and informative post! Those photos of Tom’s are extraordinary (especially because you are such a magnificent model and THAT tree!). I so love the first one with the closeup of your gorgeous self and I was hoping that Tom would be selling it on his Oolier site. Oh well, I’ll have to choose another one. XX


  5. Dear Bruce…it is always such a pleasure to hear from you. How handsome you look in Tom’s new photos! What an interesting life you lead! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!



  6. Dear Bruce – you are so handsome and debonair and Tom’s work with the new camera is absolutely
    wonderful. What a treat to see you, Bruce, with Tom’s favorite tree. You could be in the movies!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. That is really a Middle Earth kind of tree in that light. stunning and then of course to accent it to the fullest…….BRUCE!!
    you look splendid. Keep up the good work, both of you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hey that’s great! I love the white, ghostly trees. Bruce hasn’t changed much though! He should take up modelling, he’s a real poser!


  9. Bruce my sweet darling boy, you look even more regal in infra-red. I hope there were some nice treats to help keep the chill away. Snuffle and bark at Tom and tell him the photo’s are good.


  10. Hiya Bruce, It is I, Lola. I look forward to your each and every post. We have lots and lots (and lots) of trees here in Oregon. I welcome you and Tom (and Kate) to visit anytime, in case Tom would like to infrared-photograph any or all of them. On a walk of course. xx


  11. Thanks, Bruce, for sharing your photographic walks with Tom. May there be many Sticks & Wood & maybe even some Gloves on tomorrow’s walk.


  12. Dearest Bruce. I just love your commentary and your patience with your humans. You are truly a dog to be admired. Keep up the good work of taking care of your humans, we enjoy hearing from all of you!!!


  13. These ares some of the most beautiful photos I have seen! I just want to keep looking and looking at them Love the juxtaposition of dark Bruce against the light trees. Thank you for sharing them


  14. Not only is that a magical tree, but the contrast of you Bruce, in your gorgeous jet black coat, set against it with infrared light is otherworldly — gorgeous!


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