tell me what to knit

We have just sent the Inspired by Islay book to the printers! All is very well here, apart from the fact that I currently find myself with nothing to knit. I had been saving the pleasure of the Wild Apple Bohus kit that I purchased in Sweden a few years ago for this very moment, but have been (horrors) completely unable to locate it.


The failure of the Wild Apple to turn up is all the weirder because there really aren’t that many places around here for it to hide. Perhaps surprisingly for someone who loves yarn and works with it every day, I have virtually no stash. I suppose you may find this odd, but apart from always having a plain sock or two on the go, I really only tend to knit what I’m actually designing. In the past few years, this has largely meant working with my own yarn, or sometimes yarn produced by a couple of other companies, such as Jamieson & Smith. Very occasionally I will treat myself to a kit – such as Carol Sunday’s Milano or Kirsten Olsson’s Gotiska Fönstret – for those pleasant moments (such as right now) when I’ve completed a big project and there’s nothing urgent to design.


So until the Wild Apple appears (I am holding out hope for the loft, into which only Tom can venture) my fingers really are itching to get knitting . . . and I can’t think of anything I actually want to knit. Can you help me?


Basically, I would like to buy myself some lovely new yarn and knit something from a pattern written by someone other than myself. In terms of the yarn, I would like to try something new to me and I’m really open to any and all suggestions, though it would be good if the yarn were available somewhere in the UK (I’m starting to feel antsy and need to start knitting something soon-ish). For the pattern, as I’m knitting for myself, I would like to knit a garment, and it would be interesting to try a new-to-me construction or something in a slightly different style. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below! And thankyou in advance.


The images in this post are the results of Tom’s latest studio experiment, inspired by Edward Weston’s Pepper no.30. I like their slightly abstracted nature and am happy to say that the decaying banana has been abandoned (at least for the time being).