at EYF

Well, that’s the hard work of Edinburgh Yarn Fest over for another year! We took all the samples from Inspired by Islay with us, and many people mentioned what a difference it made being able to see my designs in person.

. . . and to be able to browse through our books.

Here’s Mel

. . . and Jen

and here I am chatting with two lovely ladies from Linköping, (one of whom is sporting a beautifully-knitted Epistrophy)

and with very sweet and always stylish Helena.

I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with so many lovely knitters, and this (as always) was the best bit of the show for me. Thanks to Barb, who carried a gift for us all the way from Canada; to those who brought wee treats for Bruce, and to those who took the time to show me their Puffin or Miss Rachel or Ursula sweaters. Seeing you enjoy my patterns is the highlight of my job! It was particularly exciting to see so many fabulous versions of the new Islay patterns, particularly the Oa and Kildalton.

But it was a tricky weekend for me too. Anyone who was in the Corn Exchange on Friday will know just how busy it was: I have been to a fair few yarny shows, and I’ve not really witnessed anything like it. None of us were able to leave the stand, or to take a break until well into the afternoon, and I spent most of the day on my feet. One consequence of my stroke is a dropped foot that gets temperamental when I’ve been standing for long periods: by Friday evening the foot had stopped working, and, unable to walk, I unfortunately couldn’t make it to the show on Saturday. So I wanted to apologise to anyone who dropped by the stand to get their book signed on Saturday, and found me absent. I was very sorry to miss you! But please don’t worry about me or my foot – I am absolutely fine and this is just one of those things I have to deal with.

As I didn’t leave our stand, I didn’t have an opportunity to have a look at other booths, or say hello to friends, but Tom was able to whizz round briefly with his camera.

Tom was particularly excited to see the fabulous backdrop to the Uradale Yarns stand, as it uses one of the photographs he took when he visited Ronnie and Sue last year (you can also see this photo in our Shetland Oo book). I think that looking into the booth is just like taking a wee step into Shetland!

He also took some nice shots of

Rachel Coopey (Coop Knits)

Hélène Magnusson (The Icelandic Knitter)

Lilith (Old Maiden Aunt)

And Ange and Rob (Weft Blown)

If you were able to get to EYF I hope you had a fantastic time! And if not, perhaps we’ll see you in Edinburgh next year.