As you may be aware, I have a particular fondness for wild goats. The wild goats of the Oa are a highlight of any Islay visit and you may remember that I produced a design last year in honour of a famous local herd – the Goats of Inversnaid

We have recently been doing a lot of walking around Loch Arklet and Stronachlachar for one of Tom’s projects (of which more another time) and on today’s walk we happily happened across the Inversnaid goats.

I thought you might like to see some goaty photographs.

The wee kids were quite co-operative in posing . . .

But the adults are spectacularly characterful.

Before you ask, yes, Bruce was with us too and no, he did not bother the goats. Certainly there was no need for him to get any closer to give them a sniff, as their goaty funk was strong, even at a distance!

It really is a lovely time of year to be out walking. As well as the goats, today I saw wild primroses and wood anemones, and the first swallows circling above the fields near the river Endrick. The air is still chill here in Scotland, but there are many signs of Spring!

Hope you are enjoying the change of season too.

33 thoughts on “more wild goats

  1. Beautiful photos. Such a spectacular landscape. Still cold here on the north shore of Lake Ontario. I made a Lopi coat (Audrey on Ravelry), but still haven’t been able to wear it without a down coat on top.

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  2. Such lovely photos! …that lush brilliant green moss brings thoughts of wee fairies flitting about adding magic to your walk…thank you for sharing the beauty!


  3. Love the goats. Saw them on Islay when I visited last year. So cute! How wonderful to be out walking. A lovely post and fair cheered me up whilst tied to the desk in the office x


  4. Lovely pictures, the goats are beautiful something I never thought I would say about goats – I don’t blame Bruce for not chasing them those horns look as if they could be dangerous.


  5. I’ve long loved goats and been fascinated by them. Your pictures deepen my sentiments. Bruce is my favorite dog that I’ve never met in person. Such restraint! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. Until I found your blog, I never really thought about Scotland much at all. Now it’s on my wanderlust list.


  6. Wonderful photos. I took immediately to the photo of the wild goats of Oa you took awhile back, Kate. I was struck by how much they looked like and blended with the landscape. Nature’s protection, I suppose. Thanks for including your
    readers on your walk – such a different day than I had here in the U.S. in Northern California. With lots of rain this winter, we’re finally out of our drought. The weather has warmed now, the trees are all coming into bloom, and, because we had so much rain, the weeds are growing like crazy. I was out digging them up this evening.
    The heat was turned off in the house a couple of weeks ago and the windows are open. But this can all change yet by
    a sudden rain or coastal fog … but likely only for a day or two, as we’re well into Spring.
    Would love to see more photos as your season changes.


  7. Ha ha! I’ve been watching year 3/4 children performing the Sound of Music’s song ‘The Lonely Goatherd,’ today! It was very amusing as the children danced as puppets on strings! Now your goaty pictures made me think of them again.
    I think the one with the horns could probably give as good as he gets! So well done Bruce for keeping away!


  8. Ooh, I just love goats! I have 4, including 2 baby cashmere goats I just got. So much fun and such a lot of personality! Thanks!


  9. Another great post, don’t care for goats myself much. My brother-in-law keeps them, a special rare breed (not sure what, they are a mixture of cream and light toast in colour) but they leave me cold. Cats and sheep are more my thing. Am just about to cut the steeks on my rams and yowes blanket – deep breaths.


  10. Great pictures and so lovely to see your corner of the world. The colors in the last picture are especially striking! Happy to see Bruce and Tom, too!


  11. Such lush green mosses for the background of several of your shots. Makes me want to be there with a hot toddy to sip at the end of the trek. You be a lucky woman, Kate!


  12. wonderful photos of special creatures and such a beautiful place. It is a magical time of year for sure. thanks so much for sharing it with us.


  13. LOVE your header! I too love the goats and have ordered a picture of them………when it came it had been opened!
    Bet they got a surprise :0 Those faces are spectacular. I am SOOOOO impressed with Bruce not chasing them! If it had been my dogs we’d still be looking for them………… Thank you.


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