fabulous projects

Inspired by Islay was released a couple of months ago, and it has been making me very happy to see so many new projects from the book springing up on Ravelry, and so many beautiful garments appearing.

As you know, I particularly enjoy designing and knitting colourwork, and The Oa is one of my favourite patterns from the book. I did wonder, as I was making it, whether everyone else would love knitting a garment with an allover pattern and a steek quite as much as I did . . . and am really thrilled that has turned out to be the case! There are well over a hundred Oas completed or in progress, and some really beautiful finished sweaters among them to be admired. Above is Fiona’s fabulous version, and this is Sara’s:

I met Sara at Edinburgh Yarn Fest this year, where I was able to admire her Oa in person. I love the way she’s worked the raglans, and her modified neckline without the hood.

Like a few knitters who’ve enjoyed this design, Jennifer has made the Oa more than once. I particularly like the the short sleeves and the use of Yaffle green for contrast on her Moonlicht Nicht version of the sweater.

Barbara has made herself a couple of beautifully knitted garments from the Islay book. Here’s her Kildalton, in Moonlicht Nicht, making a spectacular contrast with her garden foliage:

And here’s her Port Charlotte, using haar as the main colour.

I love the way that Port Charlotte’s yoke pattern creates a necklace of bright, summery pops of colour to frame the face of the wearer. Angelika looks fabulous in hers!

Port Charlotte is one of several patterns Kristel has made from the Islay collection, having whipped up an Oa . . .

and a beautiful Ardmore Gansey, as well as a Birlinn Blanket.

Finlaggan was the first pattern I designed for the Islay collection (as well as for my own wedding) and I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing the way that knitters have made this design their own. I really like Gunhild’s version of the cardigan, from which she’s removed the pockets, and added buttons and and buttonholes:

and Michelle looks truly lovely in her Finlaggan, which she’s knitted in the Islay shade.

Making a large, modular blanket can be something of an undertaking, and many knitters are working on their Birlinn Blankets together in the knitalong that’s currently running in my Ravelry group. Some, like Beverley, have finished their beautiful blankets already!

. . . but many others are taking things at a much more leisurely pace. The KAL runs until next February, there will be exciting prizes for finished blankets, and you can join in here.

Finally, because I find myself gripped with a familiar urge to knit allover fairisle at the moment, I had to finish with two beautiful projects which made me gasp when I first saw them.

I absolutely love Linda’s modified Miss Rachel and really want one for myself.

And I was blown away by Dianna’s incredible Sandneskofte, which she chose to knit in Buachaille.

Dianna knitted this work of art with shades Islay and Haar, and you can read more about it here.

I hope these amazing knitters and their beautiful sweaters have inspired you as much as they have me! I’m feeling particularly full of ideas at the moment as we firm up the plans for my next collection (new yarn! new designs!) and I’m already excited to tell you more about this (soon!).

Happy knitting, everyone! x