Hello! sorry its been a wee bit quiet around here of late. I have just been working really hard.

Since I got back from Sweden I’ve been writing about the research I conducted during my trip. The chapter I’ve been working on draws together a number of threads, including my own experience of an extraordinarily well-designed sit-to-stand transfer device, produced by Swedish company, Etac . . .

the history of a quintessentially ’60s brand . . .

. . . the influence of radical designer and thinker, Victor Papanek

. . . and the inspiring work of Maria Benktzon, who I was privileged to meet a few weeks ago.

Mostly, though, I’ve just been writing about how, far from being a specialised or minority concern, creating tools and products for those with disabilities and impairments, is in fact, design for ALL humanity.

(ergonomic cutlery designed by Maria Benktzon & Sven-Erik Juhlin for RFSU Rehab / Etac)

The book now has a working title – Handywoman. If you are generally interested in feminism, craft, design and disability issues as well as some personal stuff about my childhood, my love of knitting, my stroke and the hard work of neurological recovery, then this will be the book for you! If I keep my head down and keep at it I should be able to finish the writing in a couple of months or so.

Before I nip off to eat something, have a shower, put on some clothes I can actually wear outside the house, and engage in normal human conversation (as befits the writer of a recently completed chapter) I have to mention the good news that my mum and dad are finally settled a short drive away from us. . .

. . . and are now in the process of making their new house a home.

Please join me in welcoming Sue and Wal to bonnie Scotland!