Goodbye, August! A month in which to make the most of the fair days

and the not so fair ones too.

We have been enjoying our garden harvest . . .

and the last of the beautiful sweet peas . . .

. . . and working very hard on several different projects.

I will be able to tell you more about the interesting contents of that industrial washing machine quite soon . . .

I’ve been writing pretty much continuously, and am really pleased to say that Handywoman is about 80% complete, and is starting to feel like a real, almost-finished thing at last. The chapters in which I discuss learning to walk, and post-stroke walking, are now finished, and I have been saving the final sections for myself as something of a treat. In these last chapters, I’m mostly writing about knitting – so I’m really looking forward to September!

All the photos in this post were shot by Tom (of course)

17 thoughts on “goodbye, August

  1. When I saw that photo of Rest and Be Thankful come up in Tom’s Instagram feed I was so excited. It’s a really special place to me as it is where my husband proposed and that day and many other trips around the area remain so vivid in my mind. I will keep my fingers crossed it shows up on his website as a print I can order!

    Like everyone, I am looking forward to your book and really enjoying the little glimpses that you give us into your thoughts and process. It’s so enriching.

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  2. Thank you very much for sharing Tom’s photos of your beautiful life in Scotland in August. Even on a cloudy day the Loch is beautiful. My mother and I visited Scotland during August many years ago. These photos brought back many fond memories of our trip to me. I am sad to say that my mom died this past April. She was 100 years old and is missed by all who loved her.
    I am curious to see what is hidden in your industrial washing machine. You have certainly piqued my curiosity. Your head lamp is quite a hat!
    Looking forward to reading your most interesting words during September.
    Thank you very much for all that you share about you, Tom and Bruce and your bucolic Scotland as well as your works and adventures.


  3. Washer, maybe Concerned re it’s contents. Photo looks like you are wearing a miners lamp :) Oh, bring on the cooler weather, we are still sweltering here.


  4. Ah yes, August! Soon to be no more for the year. These photos are so lovely! Whatever is in that industrial washer… you do not look very happy about it!


  5. August simply flew, didn’t; it? I love the photos, as always, but the one of the lake in the hollow – it almost looks like a photoshop job (I know it isn’t) it is so perfect!


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