Ootlier 2018 Calendar

The turn of October is generally the moment when all of the projects we have been working on throughout the year really start to come together. This year seems to be a particularly busy one: KDD Originals have just been released; our new yarn is in the final stages of scouring and skeining (hurrah); I’m about to embark on writing the final chapter of my forthcoming book Handywoman (another hurrah); a new wee publication is currently in production at the printers; Mel and I are knitting away like mad on the samples for the new collection and . . . our new calendar has just been produced. Whew!

It has been in the back of my mind for a while now for us to produce a calendar – especially as Tom has been taking such lovely photographs since he started working with me full time (that’s two years ago now!)

We’ve selected twelve of our favourite images from around Scotland . . .

. . . linked them with appropriately seasonal quotations . . .

. . . gathered them together . . .

. . . and created what I think is a really interesting product, since all of its elements are either reusable or recyclable.

The calendar cards are mounted on a good quality A5 / 4mm wood clipboard (which can easily be reused for kitchen lists or household notes).

And, when each month is finished, you can cut out the picture on the front . . .

. . . and send it as a postcard!

The back of each card lets you (and your recipient) know the location of each photograph.

Finally, both the cards and clipboard have been sourced sustainably, and both are manufactured here in the UK.

Both Tom and I really enjoy designing and making things. I think that is apparent in our calendar, which is now available here.

For those who have been asking for news of the new yarn, we hope to be able to share more information very soon now!