Did you see that the Edinburgh Yarn Fest programme of classes and talks has been announced? As usual, Mica and Jo have put together an amazing programme, in which I’m really pleased to be included. I’ll be talking about my new book, Handywoman, on both the Friday afternoon and the Saturday morning.

Handywoman covers a range of different themes, from my own experience of brain injury, to appreciating the design of assistive devices, to learning how to use my left hand and walk again, to understanding myself as a disabled walker, to the importance of craft and making — both to myself as a creative individual, as well as in more general terms. It’s the latter topics I’ll be speaking about at EYF, so if you want to hear me talk about my hand-made childhood, and my post-stroke experience of the knitting community, then do come along. There’s feminism! Jumble sales! And a slide show! Unlike the other classes, I think tickets go on sale with those for general attendance in a couple of months time.

Next spring will be very busy: as well as Handywoman, we’ll be anticipating the publication of the book associated with my new collection / club. I’ll have a lot on my plate. This year I found EYF really physically demanding, as well as difficult to plan for among our other projects, so I decided not to go for a stand in 2018. But though you won’t find us in the marketplace, you can come and chat to me at either of my talks, after which I’ll be meeting folk and signing books.

If there is one thing my stroke has taught me, it is to try to pace myself. I’m still not terribly good at it, mind you.

We love having a stand at EYF and will hopefully be able to find a way to be back in the marketplace in 2019. And in the meantime, I’ll be putting my energies into the two big projects on which I’m currently really enjoying working.

Photos taken during a lovely walk at Bracklinn Falls last week. In a couple of weeks I expect the autumn colour here will be extraordinary.

17 thoughts on “planning ahead

  1. Kate, it is so good that you can recognise your own fatigue and rest accordingly. I know with my OH how difficult it can be to admit that you need to rest. We all push ourselves too far sometimes mentally and physically. I am really looking forward to the new book and yarn. Xx


  2. I will be there in Spirit! One of these years I may even get to be there in person. Pacing oneself is always ‘tricksy’ but you can do it. The photos are spectacular, thank you.


  3. It sounds like you are busy enough Kate so good reason to pace yourself when you can. I admire everything you do, keep on doing the things you love. (Your outfit in the forest picture is lovely, love the jumper and the KDD originals snood – hoping for one in my Christmas stocking!)


  4. Your lovely stand will be greatly missed at EYF but I fully understand your reasons, as wonderful as the marketplace is I can also imagine how exhausting it must be for the vendors and your health must always come first. It was lovely getting to meet you last time but I do hope to attend in 2018 and hopefully I’ll get to hear you speak.


  5. Kate, I think your plan for EYF 2018 is a good one, I’m definitely interested in buying your book, ‘Handywoman’ as well as coming to hear your reading. As an obsessive knitter with love of high standards and learning new skills but approaching 70 by the end of this year I’m very conscious of the possibility of illness and accidents intervening to challenge my status quo. You are a role model for people, (but women in particular) of all ages, overcoming adversity to renew as well as re-invent your life. My accommodation is booked and finger poised for October 14th class opening day.

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