We’ve just published a new wee book — HAPPIT!

Happit is a collection of five of my favourite simple shawl and wrap designs. Featuring Buachaille, together with three lovely yarns from my friends at Fyberspates, the five patterns included are the Betty Mouat Cowl, Fantoosh, Funchal Moebius, A Hap for Harriet, and Ottar.

Most of the designs in the book have been available in kit or digital form for a while now, but it made sense for several reasons to gather them together in this way: I felt the need to close the circle on my current hap riff, and publishing a book makes things much easier for the retailers who like to stock my work (single printed patterns being tricky both to stock and to produce).

Costing £10.99, Happit also includes two essays by me, and is lavishly illustrated throughout with Tom’s photography. The book is now available in print in my shop, as a digital download via Ravelry, and if you are a retailer interested in stocking it, please contact my friends at Fyberspates / Chesterwool regarding distribution.

hap-py knitting!