We’ve just published a new wee book — HAPPIT!

Happit is a collection of five of my favourite simple shawl and wrap designs. Featuring Buachaille, together with three lovely yarns from my friends at Fyberspates, the five patterns included are the Betty Mouat Cowl, Fantoosh, Funchal Moebius, A Hap for Harriet, and Ottar.

Most of the designs in the book have been available in kit or digital form for a while now, but it made sense for several reasons to gather them together in this way: I felt the need to close the circle on my current hap riff, and publishing a book makes things much easier for the retailers who like to stock my work (single printed patterns being tricky both to stock and to produce).

Costing £10.99, Happit also includes two essays by me, and is lavishly illustrated throughout with Tom’s photography. The book is now available in print in my shop, as a digital download via Ravelry, and if you are a retailer interested in stocking it, please contact my friends at Fyberspates / Chesterwool regarding distribution.

hap-py knitting!

17 thoughts on “Happit!

  1. Dearest Kate – I couldn’t wait to order this book and have cast on the Funchal Moebius as soon as it arrived but am a little confused as to which is chart A – I sort of figure it’s the one printed at the top of page 52 but am not sure….. I am determined to master this pattern as I so admire your designs – and writing skills. Tom’s photography is amazing. Urgent help required!
    Thank you


    1. Hi Mary, theres actually no chart A referred to in the pattern, but there is a yarn A and yarn B? The charts are 1 & 2: number 1 is at the top of page 52 and number 2 beneath. Hope this helps and you enjoy the pattern! K


  2. What a lovely, lovely idea HAPPIT is!!

    Had to order one right away. The bonuses: already had 90% of the patterns in my ravelry favs (check), love your book design (check), love your writing (check) and just love Tom´s photography (another resounding check).

    What else could I do than order it ; )))??!!!
    And as I love an app I can touch, and a book that works fine with out electricity I had to order the print version. But your or rather your combined work is absolutely worth the etxra effort

    I am looking forward to enjoy with a nice cup of tea or a wee dram in the evening , ahem ; ))

    Happy weekend to you!


  3. Chrissie, I wasn’t aware of “truth” and “falsity” in relation to the idea of a knitted moebius – and though I don’t regard anything I say as ‘gospel’ in any sense (and nor should anyone else!) my understanding of a moebius is a surface with only one side, created by a half twist to left or right. The fact that my moebius creates such a fabric by knitting a tube, grafting it, and flattening it, so that one completely continuous piece of fabric is created does not make it any less a moebius than the so-called “true” moebius that you describe. Knitting is endlessly inventive in matters of construction and I’m all for celebrating different interpretations of the same shape or idea – perhaps you might consider being as accommodating?

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  4. In Hawai’i at the moment,but will purchase as soon as I’m back on the mainland. I adore your books,knitting,patterns scotch and tom’s photography.


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