Many of you will know how much I love the old, twisted oak tree that grows by Loch Lomond at Milarrochy Bay: indeed, I love it so much we named our new yarn after it!

Over the past year, Tom has been photographing the tree from exactly the same position, in all seasons and all weathers and has recently put together a short film documenting the tree through all its changes. His film felt like an appropriate way to mark the turning of the year here.

The film lasts around 3 minutes.

West Highland Way club subscribers may have already seen the film, but I thought everyone would enjoy it.

The Milarrochy tree speaks to me of many things, but perhaps most of all of persistence and endurance. Here’s to more of that in 2018!

Happy new year to you all.

51 thoughts on “Circannuam

  1. Happy New Year to you, Tom and Bruce. What a huge year you lived through in 2017. More to come in 2018. Your partnership is an inspiration to us all and surely you heal each other with kindness, respect and protection. Yet, you both spark each other’s creativity and life long desire to learn and share. Thank you and Tom for sharing your special life with all the realities, not just the soft, happy times. Wish I could see that wonderful old tree in person. The photos help me to travel there.

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  2. Thank you Kate and Tom for sharing your special Tree in all its facets. Brilliant. Yes, persistence and endurance is a motto I am going to adopt for 2018 too. XxxxPam


  3. What an enduring sentinel and I smiled when it turned green!! Was that a ‘sea monster’ sticking it’s head up in one of those scenes? haha Thank you and Happy New Year!

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  4. Beautiful! I got to see the Birnam Oak (and The Great Imposter) this past fall. Will have to check this one out on next trip/


  5. beautiful beautiful.
    I love trees.
    And I’ve always loved time-lapses of nature. (flowers blooming, annuals exploding into the world, then returning back to it..)

    Please tell us what the music is. It’s so perfect.


  6. A wonderful film. Thank you. “Persistence and endurance” for sure.
    I am amazed at the ability the tree employed to gather and stash the necessary components for its stability. I recently watched “My Passion for Trees” with Judi Dench. Definitely an eye opener for lovers of trees. They are marvellously aware.
    Happy New Year to you, Tom, and Bruce!

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  7. I hope there are film and photography contests into which Tom can enter this gem- he should win!

    A happy and healthy 2018 to you all.


  8. How kind you and Tom are to share these images of a magnificent tree with us. Seeing its splendor seems particularly stirring at the beginning of a brand new year.

    Many thanks and best wishes for 2018. xo


  9. I love it. What an enduring symbol for our
    Own lives. And the ancient oak, harkening
    us back to our ancient roots!
    Great way to begin the year anew. Thanks
    For this and for all the thought you and
    Tom put into your work. Mary Fallon


  10. Thank you for all your beautiful post throughout the year. Since reading them I’ve added Scotland to my must see list. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2018.

    I’m excited for your book you are publishing this year. Cheers. Aimee


  11. A lovely meditation, thank you and your husband and of course your four legged family member for the hours of enjoyment derived from what you folks produce and help us create.


  12. Doggedness, a word I love, I would say that of your tree.
    Lovely music, what is it? Such a good choice, imagine all the unsuitable pieces that would have spoiled the atmosphere. When I get a bit scared watching a horror film (which only ever happens by mistake!) with creepy music, I just imagine the music swapped for Bach or Mozart, and all the creepiness goes out of what I am watching.
    A very happy new year to both of you, and Bruce.

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  13. Absolutely heavenly. Thank you Tom for the hours you must have put into this. Thank you Kate for making us stop and appreciate. I’m sure Bruce had a hand in this too. A very Happy, Healthy New Year to you all


  14. Hello, I would like to visit Scotland and Loch Lomond too. Thank you for this film and that wonderful tree. Happy new year to you and your family.


  15. Thank you and Tom especially for a a lovely meditation on the Scottish landscape. It’s sparse beauty highlights the amazing structure of the oak. Where I lived for 50 years there is an oak tree I love and have photographed many times. The leafless branches often reminded me of frozen lightning. However I had no idea an oak could withstand having it’s feet wet! Thank you again for skilled and lovely visual reminder of the beauty in our precious natural environment.

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