The West Highland Way club has begun!

. . . and the first club patterns to be released are the Craigallian mittens and hat.

These patterns commemorate the “fire that never went out”, once located near Craigallian Loch at the beginning of the West Highland Way, whose beacon burned throughout the year, whatever the weather.

The Craigallian fire served as a meeting place for the working people of Glasgow who gathered there in the1930s to discuss everything from the Spanish Civil War to Scotland’s emerging outdoor movement.

To these socialist fire-sitters and their friends we owe Scotland’s principles of open access which now allows the spectacular landscape of the West Highland Way to be enjoyed by so many walkers today.

The Craigallian hat and mittens form ideal small canvases on which to experiment with the rich and varied shades of my new yarn – Milarrochy Tweed.

The Craigallian patterns are currently exclusive to the club – so if you fancy knitting them, why not join us on our West Highland journey?

See you on the WHW!

22 thoughts on “Craigallian

  1. I really want to become a member but am in a bit of a financial bind at the time. Will these patterns be available individually at some point in time? I am obsessed with Strathendrick.


  2. This context will make the hat even more of a pleasure to knit and wear. The spring version is well underway on my needles and the colours are a joy – blending into and growing out of one another. The little purl sections are so reminiscent of seeds and buds and landscape texture. What i love most about your clever patterns, Kate, is the fact that it’s not just the finished article that is reminiscent of your theme but the actual process of knitting becomes a sensory experience of being in the landscape. Each stitch is another step in, or another view on, a remembered or anticipated walk. Thank you.

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  3. Being a huge fan of the WHW (I have only hiked the upper half, but want to go back and hike it all), this is such a special opportunity. When I go back, it will mean so much more after knitting and reading your lovely renderings in wool and word.
    So excited to be a part of this community. Lovely images and designs!!


  4. I am a member of the WHW Club & the first two patterns can’t be downloaded on Ravelry. Says I did not not purchase pattern. How can this be remedied? Thank you.


  5. So very interesting and well written. Thank you for sharing this. Do you know what caused the fire to stop? Was it WWII?


  6. As a slow knitter, I hope the patterns will be available individually by and by…but even so, having walked the WHW, I’m having such fun seeing familiar place-names pop up (Carbeth! Craigallian! Can one use short-rows to make a Devil’s Staircase? Can’t wait to see).

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  7. What an interesting piece of history. Many thanks to those men and women fire-sitters! I wonder if some of them looked like the tartan, bare chested men from the other day? I will certainly use red in these mitts to celebrate that long burning fire. A lovely start!

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  8. I was watching “Shetland” and in Season 1, Episode 1, A young woman was wearing a stranded hat……I felt sure it was one of the “flower” patterns you have. Is this right, I hope?
    Love the series, but where is the stranded knitting I hoped for??


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