Knitalong alert! I’m really excited that Kay and Ann of Mason Dixon Knitting have decided to whip up a couple of Carbeths for their annual Bang Out a Sweater KAL.If you’d like to join them, they will be casting on their Carbeths on February 5th, and binding off on February 28th. Come on! It’s a really quick knit! You can do it!

Join Ann, Kay and your compatriots in the MDK lounge and post your project on Instagram under the hashtag #bangoutacarbeth. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress and I’ll be joining in myself with my new Carbeth cardigan.

Edited to add: a cardigan pattern will not be completed in time for the KAL. I’m just working on the sample.

30 thoughts on “Bang out a Carbeth

  1. I love Carbeth and have been sorely tempted but–like others–I’m more of a cardigan girl. I’ll wait patiently for the pattern to arrive. I’ve got enough knitting (and then some) to keep me going until it arrives.

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  2. Kate, Why does the neck pull up tight (more like a traditional turtleneck) around the neck on
    some of the Ravelry-made versions and not sit more open like it does on you? Differences in
    neck or shoulder sizes, I suppose or general build of the individual that a normal grading of pattern doesn’t
    necessarily accommodate?
    I can’t stand anything tight around my neck but like the way this pattern sits on you. If your pattern has
    finished measurements at the shoulders, I guess I could make adjustments at the neck if need be.
    The pattern is really flattering on you. Any tips would be appreciated!

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    1. I know Kate has given advice on how to block the neck of Carbeth previously as it needs to be blocked right to get the open boat shape rather than a turtleneck shape. I think the secret is in the blocking.


  3. It’s so funny that you’re planning a cardigan version. I adore this but can’t wear bulky and rarely wear pullovers… I was totally considering modding it into a lighter cardigan! Time to go stash diving!

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  4. Ooof! The desire to jump on every KAL is high, and this one is even more so. I have a few days to consider whether I can really dump something out of my queue right now or not. It really is a great sweater!

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  5. Kate, I’d be so grateful for an official cardigan version of this pattern (with instructions) as well as a “0” size for those of us with even more petite dimensions than you have. And another vote for an official top down variation of the original for those who don’t know how to convert the pattern. I’d be delighted to invest in a “bundle” of these patterns.

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    1. I second a top down version. I have been completely turned off of knit-in-the-round, bottom up sweaters and will not by those patterns. Attaching the sleeves is pretty much impossible for me. I prefer not to fight with my knitting


      1. Normally knitting at a smaller gauge might work, but Kate had explained that, for this particular pattern, row gauge (not just stitch gauge) is essential in order to obtain a deep enough yoke and sleeve opening.


    1. Me too, on the road but not banging speed. Proving a great stashbuster for me, and I welcome the cardigan idea – got to diminish that stash.


  6. This looks a lovely jumper, Kate – it will have to go on my wish list. And your skirt! Do you mind telling me where you got it? I’ve got your Yokes book and am planning Bluebells to match a skirt in an Ancient Stewart Hunting tartan as befits an ancestor who was head ghillie at Balmoral for Queen Victoria (and bluebells are my favourite flowers), so this looks like a candidate in style, if not in tartan. Thank you!

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