carbeth joy

I’ve said it before – but really – the best and most rewarding thing about doing what I do is seeing knitters enjoying the stuff that I create. Over the past few weeks, it has been a huge pleasure for me to see women all over the world making and wearing their Carbeth jumpers. The #bangoutacarbeth hashtag and knitalong are things of pure joy (thankyou, Kay and Ann) and I’ve loved spotting new projects popping up on Instagram and Ravelry. Last night I saw a Carbeth-y picture that made me so happy I just had to share it . . .

These four fantastic knitters are customers of Unfilodi – a yarn shop in Brianza, Italy, who posted this on their Instagram. It still blows me away that I can create a pattern in my part of the world and just a few weeks later can see knitters in different (and often distant) places wearing things that they’ve made from my instructions. I love the way that knitting crosses international boundaries and connects us, and I felt that looking at this image. The choice of tartan rather moved me.

Car-beth was clearly intended to be Beth’s first hand-knit sweater. I think she’s happy with her work!

And other knitters have made Carbeth as their first sweater project too. Here’s Aude, in her Carbeth, knitted in Buachaille shade Highland Coo.

It’s a lot of fun seeing the Buachaille Carbeths in different colours. Liz knitted hers in Moonlicht Nicht.

But I’ve also really enjoyed seeing the pattern knitted up in a wide range of interesting yarns. Here’s my talented pal Rachel in her Carbeth knitted with two strands of her own wonderful Daughter of a Shepherd Brume

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry has been another popular yarn match for the Carbeth pattern. Here’s Cynthia in hers.

. . . Peg unwound and recycled yarn from a sweater she never wore to make her Carbeth . . .

. . . Carys marled up some vintage 1980s turquoise mohair with some natural undyed aran . . .

. . . and Bridget saved her marled lilac and grey Carbeth from excess superwash growth by blocking it in the dryer (eek!)

Carbeths have been spotted in many extreme locations. Here’s Kim heading for the slopes.

And here’s Laura: “In reality I am in an office park in Cleveland Ohio, but internally I am lochside with a swan.”

Knitters have made many interesting modifications to the pattern to suit their taste. Here’s the always fabulous Tasha in her Carbeth, with a nipped in, rather than bell-like waist. (Be sure to pop over to Tasha’s blog for a fascinating look at other cropped tops and vintage silhouettes).

Nell worked 2×2 ribbing through the sleeves and yoke . . .

And Stephannie is just one of several knitters to whip up intriguing colourblock Carbeths.

These are just a handful of the now over 700 Carbeth jumper projects that are currently listed on Ravelry. I hope these sweaters and their knitters inspire you as much as they do me! Finished cardigans are starting to appear now, which for me is just as exciting.

Big love to all you lovely knitters.
Kate x