I’ve said it before – but really – the best and most rewarding thing about doing what I do is seeing knitters enjoying the stuff that I create. Over the past few weeks, it has been a huge pleasure for me to see women all over the world making and wearing their Carbeth jumpers. The #bangoutacarbeth hashtag and knitalong are things of pure joy (thankyou, Kay and Ann) and I’ve loved spotting new projects popping up on Instagram and Ravelry. Last night I saw a Carbeth-y picture that made me so happy I just had to share it . . .

These four fantastic knitters are customers of Unfilodi – a yarn shop in Brianza, Italy, who posted this on their Instagram. It still blows me away that I can create a pattern in my part of the world and just a few weeks later can see knitters in different (and often distant) places wearing things that they’ve made from my instructions. I love the way that knitting crosses international boundaries and connects us, and I felt that looking at this image. The choice of tartan rather moved me.

Car-beth was clearly intended to be Beth’s first hand-knit sweater. I think she’s happy with her work!

And other knitters have made Carbeth as their first sweater project too. Here’s Aude, in her Carbeth, knitted in Buachaille shade Highland Coo.

It’s a lot of fun seeing the Buachaille Carbeths in different colours. Liz knitted hers in Moonlicht Nicht.

But I’ve also really enjoyed seeing the pattern knitted up in a wide range of interesting yarns. Here’s my talented pal Rachel in her Carbeth knitted with two strands of her own wonderful Daughter of a Shepherd Brume

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry has been another popular yarn match for the Carbeth pattern. Here’s Cynthia in hers.

. . . Peg unwound and recycled yarn from a sweater she never wore to make her Carbeth . . .

. . . Carys marled up some vintage 1980s turquoise mohair with some natural undyed aran . . .

. . . and Bridget saved her marled lilac and grey Carbeth from excess superwash growth by blocking it in the dryer (eek!)

Carbeths have been spotted in many extreme locations. Here’s Kim heading for the slopes.

And here’s Laura: “In reality I am in an office park in Cleveland Ohio, but internally I am lochside with a swan.”

Knitters have made many interesting modifications to the pattern to suit their taste. Here’s the always fabulous Tasha in her Carbeth, with a nipped in, rather than bell-like waist. (Be sure to pop over to Tasha’s blog for a fascinating look at other cropped tops and vintage silhouettes).

Nell worked 2×2 ribbing through the sleeves and yoke . . .

And Stephannie is just one of several knitters to whip up intriguing colourblock Carbeths.

These are just a handful of the now over 700 Carbeth jumper projects that are currently listed on Ravelry. I hope these sweaters and their knitters inspire you as much as they do me! Finished cardigans are starting to appear now, which for me is just as exciting.

Big love to all you lovely knitters.
Kate x

35 thoughts on “carbeth joy

  1. I’ve never enjoyed making anything so much as I did Carbeth. I made mine in Aran weight yarn, converting the pattern as I went, and it fits absolutely perfectly. It will be my go-to sweater for a long time. Thank you so much for this, and all your other wonderful designs.


  2. The Carbeth was a joy to knit, and I’ve become something of a “pusher” of the pattern – “Hey there little knitter, I know a pattern you’d really love…” (not intending to creep anyone out – sorry). I love how there’s a great range of ages rocking your Carbeth. Congrats!

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  3. This may seem like a silly question but what do you use to sew buttons on a cardigan? In particular, what did you use for carbeth? I’ve always been a little stumped by this step and never know if it’s really sewing thread or some other yarn. It appears you’ve used something other than buachaille. Thank you!

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  4. I love the feeling of Community that happens when so many of us come together and joyfully knit and style the same design. Thank you for including me in your Carbeth Round-up! Cheers! Kim in Calgary

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  5. Hi Kate
    I am a good crocheter, but am a very poor and scared knitter. Please could you point me to a basic jumper or cardi of yours to make. I am size 18 so one that looks good on a fuller figure would be great.


  6. Oh, I am typing through tears from my wee bit of heaven out on the far west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, a transplanted Scot. It is amazing the humanity on this page, the simple joy of connection through an age old tradition. The first pic of the Italian ladies who put on there kilts to honour you Kate, opened the floodgates for me….Margaret

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  7. So many designers are precious about their designs, and offended when people modify them. Kate, I love that you celebrate people’s modifications to your designs. Obviously, the design is beautiful as it is, but as a designer it is nice that you enjoy people bringing their own creativity to play with your own.


  8. I love the way the Carbeth jumper looks, but I have issues with a wide neckline that makes wearing this style uncomfortable for me. So when I saw the photos of the Carbeth cardigan I got very excited, in some photos the neckline looked like it lay flat against the skin but in others it looked raised like the jumper? I’m not a confident enough knitter to play with the pattern, but wondered if anyone will be wearing one when visiting Edinburgh Yarn Fest on the Saturday as I shall be there and would love to see it in the flesh!


  9. I love this design, I bought it a few minutes after first seeing it on the blog! It’s taken me awhile, but my Carbeth is 75% done, and I love it! It has stripes on the forearms because I worried I wouldn’t have enough of the MC. I’ve so enjoyed seeing all the Carbeths popping up on Instagram! I just bought the cardigan pattern and will likely start it right after I finish the pullover. Still cold here in Maine, so it’ll get some wear this spring. Thank you, Kate, for being you and teling us all how you feel. Isn’t knitting amazing?


  10. Oh my…I am just bowled over to be in your blog today! I knew it would be a great post when I saw the title “Carbeth joy” in my inbox, but I never expected to see myself! The parade of Carbeth’s is fabulous, and it is definitely encouraging me to make up my mind about my next one. Thanks for a terrific post, Kate and all the best to you!
    Cheers! Liz

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  11. Thank you for Carbeth – I banged it out in just a few weeks using stash yarn that waited nearly 20 years for you to create the perfect pattern. Now on to the cardi – it will be a color block with more stash yarn. Brilliant patterns!

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  12. I wish there were a LOVE button to click, not just a LIKE button. Each and every one of these Carbeth creations is a delight and all so inspiring. It is fun to adapt an already lovely pattern into a personalized showpiece !

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  13. Thank you for Carbeth – I loved it at first sight and banged it out in just a few weeks with yarn from my stash that had been waiting for you for nearly 20 years. Now, on to the cardi – it will be a color block with more stash yarn. Brilliant pattern!

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  14. Happily cast on my cardigan yesterday- will need to redo with a smaller needle size but it’s such an awesomely quick knit that the idea is not causing the usual moral dilemma.

    Thank you for such a great pattern- Carbeth sweater planned as well (in my mind at least…so many choices, so little time) as well as a great experience with the WHW club: wasn’t sure I would enjoy it but I am delighted I joined.


  15. Dear Kate,
    I am tickled pink to be included in this collection of Carbeth knitters! Thank you for all the fun.
    I must knit faster—my Ravelry queue is loaded with Kate Davies Designs—all of which I am eager to make.

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  16. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures this morning here in snowy Shetland! My order for the kit will soon be on it’s way….but what colour – what difficult decisions!!!


  17. Wow, that is really impressive. I have to buy my kit soon. Tgere was a beautiful Carbeth cardigan on Instagram this morning, in a beautiful straw color.


  18. Loving seeing all these! Would it be possible to reverse the pattern and knit top-down, do you think? Much prefer it for judging fit (I have broad shoulders and often find myself having to make modifications).


    1. Is there a cardigan version of this pattern, or are you just modifying it? I love the look of this sweater but pullovers don’t work for me as well because I’m cold one minute, hot the next (wash, rinse, repeat, etc) :-)


      1. Forgive me, I see the cardi now! I’m a subscriber, but I somehow missed reading your Feb post. It’s gorgeous! I love everything about this design!


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