This spring has been very slow. And as yet a wee bit lacking in colour. But over the past few weeks I’ve been receiving cheer in many hues from the fabulous Carbeth Cardigans that have been springing up on Ravelry and Instagram.

When I saw Susie’s amazing Carbeth Cardigan yesterday, I knew I had to write this post. The combination of that rich purple with Susie’s glorious red hair is simply stunning and this photo is just full of springtime joy! And I must also mention that the cardigan’s cropped length works perfectly to show off the buckle Susie recently received when she completed the Viking 100 mile endurance challenge. Congratulations, Susie!

There are perhaps more yellow Carbeth Cardigans than any other colour – but yellow-y hues can be very various. I think the egg-yolk shade that Barbara chose for hers is particularly pleasing.

I love Allyson’s pairing of her citrus yellow cardigan with her red jeans . . .

. . . slipknotknit made her Carbeth in a superb greenish-yellow that immediately makes me think of this song by Louis Jordan . . .

. . . while Dana chose a fabulous and joyous acidic shade which I absolutely love.

Victoria knitted hers using two strands of her own Milburn DK , in the Moss shade, held double.

Elena also chose a quintessentially spring green for her Carbeth.

And the deep emerald shade of this Carbeth simply glows!

I am a big fan of red cardigans, and so, it seems, are many of you – like Karin!

A bold solid matched with stripes immediately feels like spring to me.

I think Petra might agree!

Everything Tania makes displays her fantastic colour sense and style. I love this particular combination of duck-egg breton stripes with a rusty orange cardigan and deep indigo denim.

There have been far fewer garments knitted in neutral and pastel shades, but those I’ve spotted have been very appealing.

Such as this one, in a beautiful soft blue.

Maria chose a shade of yarn with just the palest blush of pink in it, which suits her colouring absolutely perfectly, while Jennifer knitted an utterly gorgeous pair of Carbeth cardigans in springtime pastels for her daughter and herself.

And while this post is really all about the colour, I have to mention how immediately drawn I was to the wonderful pale grey Carbeth cardigan that Elin was wearing when I met her at Edinburgh Yarn Festival (great to meet you, Elin!)

. . . and how much I love the soft mid grey that Rie chose for hers.

But I think the prize for the most inspiring and lovely Carbeth cardigan has to go to Rachel, who, with help of a local yarn shop, was able to whip one up at lightning speed to provide some necessary warmth for a very special, but potentially chilly, occasion . . .

Her own wedding, in the woods!

Many congratulations, Rachel!

A huge thank you to all of the inpsiring knitters whose Carbeth cardigans are featured in this post.

50 thoughts on “Carbeth Colour

  1. What a fabulous post! I am working on a Carbeth pullover right now. It is turning out to be one of the most beautiful sweaters I have ever knit. I love the simplicity and elegance of your design. I’m using grey wool, and am thrilled with the look of it, and the plush effect of working two strands together. Thank you for your talent. This sweater is flattering on everyone…


  2. I’m almost finished with my Carbeth in marled cotton and love love love it! Pictures to follow once done. This is such a great pattern, genius construction and looks great on everyone. Are there any plans to issue a child size version? Fingers crossed!


  3. Dear Kate,

    I’ve never knitted, and live far far away, in a hot climate. I have no reason to be reading a knitting blog – but I click on faithfully each week, in the hope that you have left a post. I find life a little emotionally challenging, and my default tendency is to do nothing and ‘rest’, avoiding thought, challenges and hard work. It is so wonderful for me to read your posts. They always remind me that there is so much more to life. I wish I had even the smallest bit of what makes you tick, and buzz and think and do. Reading you makes me remember to try to think bigger, to have more life-force. And this sense of community that surrounds what you write and do is very special too. I always end up with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. Thank you so much

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  4. LOVED seeing all the colors and styling of the Carbeth cardigan. I’ve made the pullover and was trying to decide whether my next would be another pullover or the cardigan. This helped me decide! Congratulations to the bride. Beautiful, both bride and cardigan!


  5. Wow! Thank you for your congratulations. The wedding was, I have to say a really lovely occasion. And I was warm!

    I’ve always loved cropped cardigans and jumpers and I just knew, having pulled the dress out at rather short notice from the darker recesses of the wardrobe, that Carbeth was going to be the ideal accompaniment. It’s an elegant, stylish and timeless piece that’s quick to make and I love the way the turned-over collar adds strength and definition to the structure. Despite no time for swatching – I only took one set of needles with me anyway – and no drying time so no wet blocking, it was absolutely perfect.

    Thank you for your beautiful designs!

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  6. These pictures make me happy. I’ve done two Carbeth pullovers and have a cardigan on my needles now with yarn on the way for another cardigan to wear in my chilly office in summer. knit with a cotton-merino yarn.

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  7. I LOVE IT!!!! And it’s wonderful that KDD has crossed so many oceans and still manages to capture the intended spirit that Kate probably designed it with! Way to go KDD and all Carbeth Knitters, they’re all GOR-GEOUS!!!!


  8. I love this sweater and it is so helpful to see so many versions of it. What I would absolutely love would be a list of yarns that would be good for this cardigan, it is so time consuming to read through each post to see which yarn the knitter used. I live in Canada and many of these yarns are not easily available to me, so a good list of suitable yarns would be so helpful. I know that is probably a bit of work, but perhaps others would like it as well. Thanks, Julie


    1. Hi Julie! If you are on Ravelry, go to the Carbeth page and click on ‘yarn ideas’ at the top. You will see a list of yarns that have been used to make this fabulous sweater.


  9. Ii loved this round up showing how well it adapts in length and width and suits any size person thankyou kate


  10. I’ve been drooling over your ensign since I first saw it. Today I had the opportunity to try one on at a knitting gathering. Now, I must make one. Just trying to decide what color. This post is perfect timing.


  11. I didn’t think the style would particularly suit my shape, but last night I got to try on the one my friend Linda made recently (pullover version), and I was surprised by how much I liked it! There is probably one in my future now.


    1. I agree. I also thought it wouldn’t suit my shape but these photos tell a different story. Every one of these ladies look fabulous – well done everyone.


  12. What a beautiful and inspiring set of Carbeths! I have had the pattern awhile and ordered enough in Islay to make it (and maybe a couple of inches longer) but haven’t started it yet. These wonderful knitters inspire me to move it way up in my (mental) queue. I confess I am waiting for the Swan Carbeth pattern, whenever you get to it. I really really loved that sweater. Thank you for all your wonderful designs (and especially the WHW Club)


  13. What a great display of Carbeth’s! I will get one done this year, for fall, just too busy with other things right now!


  14. Tee hee, thanks Kate; I was wondering why my blog traffic was showing lots of views from Ravelry! I love seeing all the different colours people have chosen. Can’t wait to see what you design next (after a well-earned rest of course) xxx

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  15. I am amazed by all these speedy knitters. Although I haven’t yet begun, it will take me closer to a month of Sundays to to knit one. I’ve been trying to switch to continental style from English but OH my, after 60 years in English my muscle memory (as opposed to mental) seems reluctant to give up. By the way our colours are white, white, white and a touch of brown.
    Happy knitting everyone


  16. I enjoyed your comments on each unique cardigan very much! Mine is half-done, in neutral pale grey, white and brown, marled. Beautiful design! Spring is late this year, so I’ll be able to wear it!


  17. What a wonderful post! So many gorgeous and happy knitters! Spring is painfully slow to start here, so this was a lovely infusion of color in the still-drab days of April.


  18. Thank you, Kate, for this cheerful, colourful post. It has been a long winter here in Boston and I have been looking for any signs of Spring. A big ‘Thank You’ to the knitters !


  19. Marvellous! The sun is out here at last, and every colour in these cardigans is here in the garden, when you really look!
    Thanks for this very cheering post, well done to all the knitters. And to the designer too.


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