Good morning! This is Pabaigh – my new design in the new Cranachan shade.

I spend a lot of time walking in some quite exposed and windswept places. And I’m not sure if this is the case elsewhere in the world, but here in Scotland I find I often need to layer up, especially in fine Spring weather. When a brisk north-west wind blows, it’s good to have an extra something covering the core, and to pull up around the neck.

Pabaigh is a loose-fitting tee with grown-on sleeves and a long funnelled collar, whose length looks pretty outlandish when extended . . .

. . but which settles down when worn into a pleasing accordion-like cowl.

I love the way that Milarrochy Tweed develops a lightness and drape when worked at this gauge (26 stitches to 4 inches) while still retaining its robust tweedy character. I’m really enjoying using the yarn to explore different simple shapes and constructions at the moment, and Pabaigh is a super-straightforward knit (if you can knit in the round, and know how to graft stitches, you can knit this sweater).

I’m also enjoying creating garments that fit me a little differently. To accommodate layers underneath, Pabaigh is loose and oversized (I’m wearing mine with 11 inches of positive ease at the bust) as well as being slightly cropped. I find I really like many of the new high-waisted styles I’m seeing at the moment, and admit I knit my sample intentionally to hit the top of my new trousers (of which I am inordinately fond).

Perhaps its just that these pants remind me of the jolly high-waisted “Brutus” flares I found in a charity shop in the early ’90s and wore throughout my student years . . .

Whatever it is, I’m definitely enjoying wearing high-waisted styles with tops like Pabaigh.

While we were in the Hebrides, we spent several happy days walking around Berneray’s West Beach, and Beinn Shlèibhe – from which there are fine views of Pabaigh: a beautiful, now uninhabited island (the name means “Priest’s Isle”).

And as we photographed this garment while I was enjoying views of Pabaigh, I named it after that.

There’s an introductory offer if you are interested in the pattern: use the code HEBRIDES to receive a 25% discount on the Ravelry download until May 18th.

And if you’d like to knit Pabaigh in Milarrochy Tweed, there’s a kit including pattern, project bag and yarn in the shop. The kit price represents a 15% discount on purchasing its components separately, and starts at £39.50 for the 42 inch size (which I am wearing here).

I have been wearing my Pabaigh pretty constantly over the past couple of weeks. I hope its a garment you enjoy knitting and wearing too.

For more lovely views of Pabaigh, see Tom’s short film!

49 thoughts on “Pabaigh

  1. I have now lost your last email regarding my order. I think I have 3 balls of wool waiting for arrival before my order is sent to Shetland. I leave for Shetland in a week and think it will be difficult for me to pay on line and so am wanting to make payment now and order sent when wool arrives. This all sounds very complicated to me and so hope someone in your office can sort this out.!!!! Gay Hay from New Zealand with order being sent to Shetland. Regards


    1. I believe that would be Pa bay. At least that is what I’ve heard. Lord knows how it sounds in Gaelic……….
      What scenery and the beaches are SO clean. I think that I would make the sweater with long sleeves in a pattern sort of modeled on the Carbeth. I think that if I put my mind to it I could knit it from the top down — at least for the cowl top then perhaps graft it onto a body knitted from the bottom up. Too complicated? Probably. Love the color! It is very happy and bright.


  2. I went into my local yarn shop here in Seattle, Washington, and I picked up your new book The West Highland Way. I went nuts over it, ended up buying it, and the woman at the shop said, “Did you see her….what’s it called? Her red sweater thing? With the cowl neck?”

    While I stood there perplexed (I read your blog but must have missed this?) she found it on her phone. She held it up. “Everyone is making this right now. EVERYONE. It’s so gorgeous!”

    So FYI, you’re pretty popular in Seattle! :)


  3. How tall are you Kate?
    I’m not very tall and find the shorter tops at just below the waist or what I would consider “longer tops”
    to hit me about at 7″ below the waist are best for me.
    If it gets any longer than that, the top looks “frumpy” on me.

    This top (‘jumper”?) is very cute on you but it could be easily altered to a longer length for a taller person or for
    personal preference.

    Thank you for this pattern!
    Very cute and happy photos of you!


  4. Love the top, especially with your high-waisted trousers which have always been my favourites. I’ve been wearing them a lot recently with both my Carbeth jumper and the cardigan.


  5. Hello your new Tee….it looks so comfortable and just right for in Ontario the weather has been warm one day and cool for three , so I never know what to wear..this is perfect sure look so great in the tee and you new jeans..hard to find wide leg jeans here..could you tell me the make of your jeans ..I sure would love a pair

    Amazing looking back and seeing all you have created these last few years…nice to see your smiling best to Tom and of course Bruce…hugs pat j


  6. Och, unbelievably good weather in that film Tom! What a magnificent part of the world. It brings back memories of remote beaches here in Downunder.You would really enjoy the challenge of filming them as well


  7. Your joy and delight, creations and discoveries are infectious! So much beauty all around :) Thank you for sharing it with us.
    PS – Love your new yarn colors and design!


  8. Kate, you certainly deserved your trip. I love your new direction, first Carbeth, now Pabaigh. I truly want easy layers that do not have long sleeves, as I always get them wet and dirty as I go about my day… You are designing exactly want! Thank you! Another inspiring design and post! Thank you, always!


  9. I bought a pair of trousers like that only yesterday! I LOVE the new silhouettes that you are playing with, Kate, as I feel that tunic length with long fitted sleeves has been done, and done, and done. Now I’m loving the wide cropped look with high waisted bottoms and I’m ready to play with shape! I’ve just finished a short and swingy Coinneach and am thinking a big and cosy Stronachanlar next as I’ve never done sleeveless…..


  10. Everything you’ve designed is beyond lovely, and photographs have always been sublime. Yet, these ones, are by far my most favorite! I love the sweater, the casual style, the sunny day, the smile, everything! This may break me out of my knitting hibernation!


  11. I need warmth for breezy Spring days too! Gorgeous sweater! But WHERE did you get those awesome trousers??!!! Please tell! Fantastic styling, as usual, and I’m a sucker for anything nautical looking, so your color combo really sings my tune.


  12. Love how happy you look in these pictures :-) Think this trip was well deserved after the last busy months.

    Love the new colour of the yarn too, all of them but the red especially!


  13. Oh my, I love Tom’s film, I feel called to go to Scotland seeing his and your work. The trousers are wonderful and I love the RED, adorable collar. Unfortunately, it’s too warm here in low desert of Arizona to wear anything even resembling a sweater but I love your posts anyway.


  14. Because I adore a funnel neck, and because I clearly have no impulse control, I’ve bought your pattern. Just like that! Beautiful and functional design.


  15. Lovely yarn, lovely design and a lovely smile. You look so relaxed and happy – so glad you enjoyed your break in the Hebrides Kate.


  16. I agree, that is the perfect top for layering and the beautiful bright red is a fun pop of color. Those trousers remind me of a favorite pair of jeans from long ago. You’re looking good, Kate!


  17. Oh I love that so much I must cast on immediately. Except I am here (South Carolina) and you are there…..overseas.
    BUT, I shall persevere and plan to make it, getting my tools, etc. together. That red yarn is my fave of all the colors.
    And the funnel neck is hilarious, but also (go figure!) delightful. Love your pants too.
    If it were not 90 degrees F here at the moment, I would be even MORE enthusiastic about
    knitting a sweater, even a short one. hahahahah


  18. The design looks easy to wear and the lovely cowl collar keeps it interesting. The color is gorgeous and really shows off the beautiful tweed texture.

    My favorite part of this posting is the very first photo — you are smiling! A lovely, relaxed, happy smile……more smiles, please! 🤗


  19. What a bright happy color! Looks very practical as well as stylish. Another need-to-knit for me! Kits are a good idea. I’ll check them out. Looks rather chilly in your photos. But such beautiful colors of the sea! Takes my breath away!


  20. I love it Kate, especially the colour. A little plea though. I only dream of having a figure like yours and a washboard stomach. Please can you design something for those of us who only ever wear tunic length tops to hide the belly and for whom that amount of positive ease would be needed just to fit? My daughter has had so many of your designs as I adore them, and she can wear them. Something for me now please?


      1. I also feel it’s worth pointing out that there have been a number of recent designs that are longer or more tunic-like, such as the Carbeth Swan Dance pattern or Strathendrick!


  21. Ah, Brutus jeans. Wrigleys gum belts. Big yellow platform clogs. Thank you for this design Kate, you have a wonderful knack of producing exactly what I want, when. I didn’t really know what I wanted myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah The Wrigleys belt! Oh happy days. I also had one that just said jeans jeans jeans all the way around. I love that belt.

      Kate, not sure if we have badgered you enough yet, but WHERE did you find the jeans? I need them. Not that our silhouettes are remotely similar and I’m not sure how wide they would have to be to accommodate my thighs of DOOM, but I would love to give them a try. Those pockets!!

      If I had these jeans I might even explore a cropped top.


  22. Love this design. In Sonoma County, California, I’ll need long sleeves for the coast so will modify. When it is windy, I need lots of wool. This is a great design, and I love the RED!


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