Hiya! It is I, Bruce

Recently the weather has been Very Good and we have been walking in interesting places such as Beach.

At Beach there is Swimming (my favourite thing) and you can meet New Pals.

This is New Pal, Wallace.

Wallace also happens to be the name of Kate’s dad (although he is not a dog).

Wallace doesn’t like the sea quite as much as I do.

Come on in, Wallace, the water’s lovely!

even this human agrees!

Shake it!

At Beach, other fun activities include finding dead fish to roll in or consume among the piles of rotting seaweed . . .

and running so fast that you start to fly.

Kate, can you smell that whiffy old fish that I rolled in yet?

Here I come!

In fact, the only downside to Beach is that the behaviour of one’s humans becomes (if possible) even more inexplicable than usual.

I have no idea what’s going on here, for example.

Or here.

But, dear dog friends, my view is that if you are able to put up with just a little human weirdness, then you may find that Beach is the very best place to be.

See you soon, love Bruce x

58 thoughts on “a postcard from Bruce

  1. Oh, Bruce! It’s so good to hear from (and see!) you again, and I’m glad you had a nice day at Beach with the Humans!


  2. Speaking as a cat, Bruce, I usually find Beach to be overrated and yet you have made a good point about the joys of fish. I’d skip the seaweed salad with my order.


  3. What a lovely outing.

    Kate, really such a nice blog to read. I know I speak of apples and oranges, because I am not a stroke survivor but as someone who suffers from chronic migraines many days of the month I really appreciate your writings. It is nice to hear of other people who are working and thriving despite the setbacks of “off days,”as I call them.


  4. Bruce, you need to arrange a holiday rendezvous across the Irish Sea with Donnie, whose owner, Kieran Foley, also designs knitting (like you-know-who).You all would have so much in common! Beach frolics, gorgeous scenery, and inspired owners.


  5. Bruce you are just such a wonderful guy. Thanks for sharing you day at the Beach. It looked and sounded like you had a lot of fun. As for rolling in dead fish….well I guess a classy guy just has to do what I a classy guy wants to do. One thing I know for sure is you rolled in it with class and dignity.


  6. Bruce and my two girls would have a wonderful time together! They would love to roll in/on and eat died things together, plus one is a major swimmer! The shaking photo is priceless! Enjoy your dog days Bruce! Thanks for the great start to my day!


  7. Thank you so much for the lovely update, Bruce, Good Job! I’m Gatsby and I love big dogs like you, and guess what? I go to Beach here in Maine every day, sometimes more than once! a day. I always run into the water and lie down just as you do. If I could fly in a straight line from my beach to yours I would. Love, G


  8. Bruce, you’re one cool dude of a dog! Keep havin’ fun and sending us the pics..(none of the dead fish, though!)

    Your greatest fan. 😘


  9. Bruce, you are a love. Thank you for sharing your vacation at the beach with us. Hope that your friend Wallace begins to enjoy the water too so that you can romp on the beach and play together. I loved seeing you playing Bruce…

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh Bruce! Thank you for sharing your lovely day at the beach. I could feel the sand between my toes and the wind in my hair. But Bruce, that water is freezing!


  11. Oh boy, Bruce. I like the Beach so much, too. We could be great pals there. Once I got there, that is. I get a bit Car Sick on the way on those curvy roads and have a tendency to do things that makes no one want to be near me….but once there we can forget about all that!
    Your pal- Emil


  12. HiYa Bruce! Glad to see you fly along Beach! Don’t worry humans a sometimes wierd, but not for long. I love the way you shake off the water!


  13. Yes, we all love Bruce and the knitting thing is just a bonus, so said bluelustercat! LOL My fur-furs would love to join you at the beach and one in particular would join in on the dead fish roll……….eweeeeeee Thanks for taking us all along.


  14. Bruce, I was wondering if you were going to share some of your spring holidays with us after seeing the fun the humans had. I am glad you were able to enjoy the beach and loved seeing the pictures of you splashing and swimming. Very glad I could not smell the dead fish however.


  15. Bruce ~ good to get a post card from ya! Wondered where ypu have been –
    Beach is awesome for dogs, such as yourself & Pal Wallace. And if Kate & Tom don’t get too wierd about the dead fish… go for it!
    Don’t be a stranger!


  16. Greetings Bruce from wee Bunty. I very much agree that Beach is the best place for a dog to be. I don’t swim, (as I am a little nervous like your friend Wallace) but I do enjoy crunching on small crab claws, or having a lick inside an empty limpet shell. I am not allowed to eat seaweed. That’s a NOOOOOOOOOO.


  17. Bruce – it looks like you had a great vacation! I love a beautiful beach, too, and the ocean looks like heaven. How was the water? Glad you got to have a good run!


  18. Oh wow, I just have to read “It is I, Bruce…” – and I am in raptures. :-)

    Thank you for the Monday joy. Cheers!


  19. Bruce it is a pure joy to hear from you! I’m so glad you enjoy your trips to the sea and looks like you’ve made a new friend indeed! And yes, we humans can be inexplicable at times…thanks for putting up with us!



  20. Hi Bruce, it’s been a while since we last heard from you, but I’ve really enjoyed your postcard, thank you. So happy to see you enjoying life with your usual joke De Vivre.


  21. Oh Bruce you smelly dog! Love to read your posts! You’re a great fella! Wishing you and the “humans” many long walks this summer! Love, Chris


  22. Pure JOY, Bruce, you’re the best! And you’re lucky to be able to swim in water that looks so absolutely crystal clear. That is the cleanest beach and clearest water that I’ve ever seen — feels like I’m there with you (but for the dead fish smell)!


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