a postcard from Bruce

Hiya! It is I, Bruce

Recently the weather has been Very Good and we have been walking in interesting places such as Beach.

At Beach there is Swimming (my favourite thing) and you can meet New Pals.

This is New Pal, Wallace.

Wallace also happens to be the name of Kate’s dad (although he is not a dog).

Wallace doesn’t like the sea quite as much as I do.

Come on in, Wallace, the water’s lovely!

even this human agrees!

Shake it!

At Beach, other fun activities include finding dead fish to roll in or consume among the piles of rotting seaweed . . .

and running so fast that you start to fly.

Kate, can you smell that whiffy old fish that I rolled in yet?

Here I come!

In fact, the only downside to Beach is that the behaviour of one’s humans becomes (if possible) even more inexplicable than usual.

I have no idea what’s going on here, for example.

Or here.

But, dear dog friends, my view is that if you are able to put up with just a little human weirdness, then you may find that Beach is the very best place to be.

See you soon, love Bruce x