Bobby and his sisters

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have probably picked up on our exciting news

We are getting a puppy!

We have named him BOBBY.

A few of you may remember that, when I fell down and had my stroke, I was found lying on the cycle path by a dog and his owner who were out running that morning. The man turned out to be a doctor, who got me straight to hospital, and the dog was a lovely black spaniel, named Bobby.

So that’s how this Bobby got his name.

Bobby is a very sweet and loveable wee character. We have been lucky enough to be able to spend a bit of time with him at the farm where he was born.

It is fair to say Tom and I are both a bit besotted. He’s got such a gentle nature and is already a lovely dog.

I am sure he and Bruce (to whom Bobby is distantly related) are going to get on famously.

And in all likelihood get up to all kinds of mischief!

Tom has taken quite a few photos of Bobby and his sisters. I’m sure you won’t mind seeing a few more . . .

We are really looking forward to bringing Bobby home in a week or so, and beginning some full-on puppy training!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone x